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How to Get More Blue Petals in Pikmin Bloom

How to Get More Blue Petals in Pikmin Bloom
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Pikmin Bloom is the augmented reality game that encourages players to step outside and get walking! Walking grows Seedlings, which then grow into a new Pikmin to join your team. Eventually, you may find you have too many of one type of Pikmin and decide to release them into the world again, but before you do that, check out these tips below. We can show you how you can get bonus Blue Petals when you release your Pikmin.

pikmin bloom blue petals
Shining Blue Petal Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom

Get Bonus Petals in Pikmin Bloom

Petals are used to plant Flowers as you walk with your team of Pikmin. You can get Petals normally by first collecting different colored Fruits—the bigger the Fruit, the more Nectar you get—and then feeding Nectar to your Pikmin. The Pikmin will first grow a bud and then a shining colorful Flower. You can pick the Petals from the Pikmin Flower to add them to your collection. When you next walk, you can select the color of the Flowers you want to grow by using the corresponding Petals in your collection.

pikmin bloom blue petals
Blue Pikmin with Blue Petals in Pikmin Bloom

As your Pikmin collection grows, you may find you have too many of one type—for example, if you live right next to a park, you may have a lot of Park Decor Pikmin. If you have Pikmin that you don’t need to keep around, there is a way to make them useful before you release them. Blue Petals are a bit rarer than the rest, so you may want to stock up some extra Blue Petals using our guide. Blue Nectar is gained by collecting either Blueberries or Plums.

Follow the steps below to gain extra Blue (or any other color) Petals when you release your spare Pikmin:

  • Select your spare Pikmin for your team
  • Feed them all Blue Nectar (Blue Pansy Nectar is also fine)
  • Harvest the Blue Petals
  • Go to the Squad Selection screen
  • Release each spare Pikmin individually
  • Gain 10 bonus petals from each release!
pikmin bloom blue petals
Bonus Blue Petals! (Pikmin Bloom)

These steps can, of course, be used with any color Petal you require. Let us know in the comments below if this has helped you replenish your stock!

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How to Get More Blue Petals in Pikmin Bloom


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