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How to Get Milk in Roots of Pacha

How to Get Milk in Roots of Pacha
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Proceed with caution—this guide is not for lactose-intolerant ones. We’re kidding, of course, but milk can be a source of trouble in Roots of Pacha, just like in real life. This farming simulator set in the Stone Age has you collect or produce different resources, and it doesn’t always tell you how or where to obtain them in a straightforward way.

If you’ve been wondering how to get milk in Roots of Pacha, this is the guide for you.

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How to get milk in Roots of Pacha

Animal pen in Roots of Pacha
Image by Soda Den

If you want to make sour cream, cheese, or butter in Roots of Pacha (and they’re all delicious, so why wouldn’t you?), you will need some milk. It is an animal product, of course, and you won’t find it just laying somewhere in the open in the wilds, so many players seem to struggle with how to get it.

In real life or a farming simulator set in some more recent times, you would probably look for a cow or a goat to give you some milk, but what can you do when you have to deal with species like bison, mammoth, or guanaco instead?

The animal that you need to get milk in Roots of Pacha is the ibex, actually. However, not any ibex will do. You need to find and befriend a female ibex, so that you can take them to your settlement. For the record, male ibex will only give you horns.

Besides having a tamed female ibex, you will also need a milk bucket for storing it. If you don’t see the option to get it right away, don’t panic. A milk bucket will be available for purchase from Acre the next day after you tame a female ibex.

That is everything you need to know about how to get milk in Roots of Pacha. Have fun with all the dairy products you’ll make, and check out more guides in our dedicated section!

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How to Get Milk in Roots of Pacha