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How to Get Max Level Paragon in BTD6

How to Get Max Level Paragon in BTD6

Bloons TD6 is one of the most popular tower defense games and it has lots of interesting units you can use. Paragon Towers are special structures that can be obtained by combining three Tier 5 towers. Also, you will be able to upgrade them and improve their damage. However, this mechanic seems to be confusing for some players, and today we are going to help them. This guide will tell you how to get max level Paragon Tower in BTD6.

How to Level Up Paragon Towers in BTD6

Paragon Towers are some of the strongest units in BTD6 and they are quite difficult to build. If you want to get such a unit you will have to create three Tier 5 towers of a certain type. There are a few of these paragons and here you can read our article about all Paragon Towers that are currently present in the game.

When you build a Paragon Tower it consumes all of the three Tier 5 monkeys. However, if you build even more towers of the same type your paragon has you will be able to level it up. For example, Apex Plasma Master will consume all Dart Monkeys if you build it. So, you may want to know how many towers you need to build to get the max level of your Paragon and in this guide, we will answer this question.

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How to Get Max Level Paragon in BTD6

In order to level up your Paragon Tower in BTD6, you need to build a lot of towers. All paragons in this game have a resource called Power and they convert into it all units they consume. The maximum amount of Power your Paragon can have is 200,000. So, here is the list of all ways to get Power for your Paragon Towers in BTD6:

  • Each Tier 5 tower your paragon consumes gives 10,000 Power (for a maximum of 90,000).
  • Each tower that doesn’t belong to Tier 5 gives your paragon 100 Power (for a maximum of 10,000).
  • You get 1 Power for every 25$ dollars you’ve spent on consumed towers (for a maximum of 10,000).
  • You get 1 Power for every 180 balloons the consumed towers popped. The same goes for every 45$ of bonus income these units achieved (for a maximum of 10,000).
  • You get 2,000 Power for each Paragon Power Totem you can buy from Geraldo’s Shop.

These are all the ways you can upgrade your Paragon Tower and of course, the first three Tier 5 monkeys won’t contribute anything. So, with help of this list, you will be able to calculate the exact amount of towers you need to build to get max level for your Paragon.

As you can see, getting 200,000 Power is quite problematic in the single-player mode. So, if you want to reach the max level of your paragon you should play in co-op. Good luck with your further experiments in BTD6!

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How to Get Max Level Paragon in BTD6


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