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BTD6 Update 33: Full Patch Notes List

Find out about every recent change, fix, and new feature and map added in the BTD6 update 33 right now in our guide!

BTD6 update 33 has arrived and we have the full list of patch notes so you will know what to expect with these latest changes. The update comes in time for Halloween so expect some spooky themes, new maps, and new store items! Check out all the information in the guide below for BTD6 update 33: full patch notes list.

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BTD6 Update 33 Patch Notes

Here is everything you need to know about this latest update for BTD6 as released by the BTD6 devs! All information is straight from the official BTD6 Reddit– go check them out!

New Content

  • New Paragon Tower – Monkey Ace Goliath Doomship
    • Endless jokes about big planes aside, we’ve been very excited to build and balance the first air Paragon!
    • While we resist thinking about Paragons as 5/5/5+ Monkey Towers, the Goliath Doomship did allow for logical blending of feature from all 3 paths, plus we included a powerful activated ability that adds further tactical control that players out usefully across various map shapes
    • At $800k cash, you will have to make sure your eco game is strong but Doomship’s power is balance to that lofty set up cost
  • New Halloween game icon
    • Your eyes are not failing, nor is your screen- our icon is simply celebrating the ghoulish colours of Halloween!
  • New Maps
    • Advanced Map – Midnight Mansion
    • Intermediate Community designed map – Covered Garden from u/SuperPsou (Reddit)
  • New Trophy Store Items
    • Heroes: Joan of Arc Adora – Dragon Pet
    • Monkeys: Monkey Ace – Dragonfly Pet
    • Co-op: Psigh emote
    • Game & UI: Banana Farmer – Banana Costume, Glue Trap – Honey Bee SKin, Profile Banner – Patchwork, Profile Banner – Sun Rays, Profile Banner – Star Burst
    • Banner winner by DREAD_Lead (Engineer Foam)
    • Banner winner by LordTeddington (Grand Master Ninja)
  • New Limited Time Items: DDT Bloon Skin – Spider, Avatar – The Scream, Avatar – Monkey Brains
  • New CT Team Store Items
    • Building Prop: Fortified Castle
    • Base Props: Refracting Telescope, Pirate Crew
    • Water Prop: Mini Pirate Boat
    • Flying Prop: Moon Rabbit
    • Team Banners: Pet Frenzy banner, Contested Territory banner
    • Icons: Kung Fu Kiwi icon, All-Seeing Eyecon
    • Frames: Cognition frame, Ninja Scroll frame
BTD6 gameplay

Game Changes / Additions

  • New Languages – Polish and “Monkelish” are now supported
  • Team Browser – Added more intuitive UI to the ‘Advanced Search’ panel
  • Paragon tower placement restrictions
    • We’ve set a maximum of 3 per game in 33.0, as we now have a baseline of general purpose DPS paragons and want to move into more synergies and interesting mechanical interactions between them, which become more interesting when choices need to be made
    • We have heard the clear feedback from the community about this general restriction based on the preview notes and now plan to do the following in future major updates, or minor ones if feasible:
      • Increase the limit to 4, based on feedback about 4 player co-op in particular
      • Include a Content Browser editor function that allows players to set higher limits or unrestricted in player-created Content Browser games
  • Contested Territory
    • The number of steps required to use Relics felt like too many so we’ve removed Relic Voting from the team store. Now, when viewing any tile players will be able to pop up a full list of their available to personally select from.
    • To improve active team coordination we have allow Vice-Mayors to also set focus markers on the CT map.
    • The total number of focus markers each team can set in CT has been increased form 1 to 4, to allow for diverse preference and strategies.
    • Contested Territory matchmaking improved for better groupings based on activity & overall rank.
    • Added a Daily Reward to welcome back players entering the Contested Territory event.
    • The Main Menu CT Icon now shows a pip displaying available tickets.
    • Tidied the CT Info panel up for much clearer readability.
    • Added a spooky Seasonal Theme to CT screens, in preparation for Halloween!
    • Added Discord & Steam Rich Presence for Contested Territory.
    • Team Banners can now be set on personal profiles, as long as your team owns that banner.
    • Over 32.4 to 33.0 we made general constant improvements to the balance of Banner/Relic tile distribution over the CT map.

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Bug Fixes & General Changes

  • Team Island should be correctly reflect your Team Color in CT
  • Resolved an issue where loading a save and restarting would not allow you to earn a Black Border from that run
  • Resolved a number of background errors in CT
  • Changed team permissions so that Mayors can only transfer leadership to members who have already been promoted to Vice-Mayors
  • Changing search filters in Team Browser will now trigger a search
  • Resolved an issue where disabling friend requests would not save
  • Resolved a number of map specific placement issues
  • Loading a profile from the cloud will no longer keep boss event saves
  • Resolved a crash on using boss checkpoints
  • Resolved an issue preventing come challenge codes from being searched
  • Resolved an issue where powers could be disabled in unranked co-op Bosses
  • Paragon towers should be correctly sold when their supporting arctic wind platform is removed
  • Resolved an issue with the CT event main menu banner appearing prior to level 30
  • Improvements made to camera zoom in CT
  • Large texture cleanup for all Paragon towers
  • Resolved an issue with logging out of all accounts on some devices
  • General cleanup and optimisations of the Team Store
  • A number of localisation issues resolved
  • Resolved an issue where players could add duplicate entries to their Friends List
  • Resolved an issue with friends showing ‘default’ avatar for their highscores on maps
  • Resolved a number of issues around joining and leaving Teams
  • Resolved a number of cases in which the background for some menus would show entirely black
  • Optimisations made to number of large textures
  • Team/Friends – Popup dialogs can no longer appear off-screen
  • Team Trophy balance now correctly updates visually upon purchase
  • Resolved minor graphical glitch on Frozen Over map when Cave Monkey is released
  • Resolved an issue with heroes gaining more than one level at a time counting as tiers purchased with the least tiers ruleset
  • Resolved an issue with missing or wrong badges displaying on CT leaderboards
  • Resolved an issue with Team Search not allowing Space entries
  • Resolved low quality splash screen issues
  • Heroes are now purchasable from the upgrades menu in-game
BTD6 gameplay

Ice Monkey:

  • 5xx Embrittlement now slows MOABs the correct amount with permafrost
  • 250 Absolute Zero now slows MOABs the correct amount with permafrost

Glue Gunner:

  • xx4 Relentless Glue no longer targets Bosses/BADs
  • 104 Glue Gunner should no longer sometimes apply green glue assets

Monkey Sub:

  • 3xx Submerge subs should now submerge correctly on Quarry

Monkey Buccaneer:

  • Buccaneer paragon should no longer mis-align its platforms if upgraded from the trade empire

Super Monkey

  • 025 Legend of the Night now correctly gains crosspath pierce

Pat Fusty

  • Highlighting on Snowman Pat Fusty no longer disappears at Lv3
  • Pat’s legs should no longer sometimes not sink into the water when taking a dip

Admiral Brickell

  • No longer clips into ship badly at Lv12


  • Psi is now able to target Leads when the Alchemist Touch relic knowledge is equipped


  • Description spelling errors resolved
  • When fitting multiple sentry items on top of a flagship platform, these will now correctly relocate when creating the Paragon
  • Rejuvenation Potion will no longer reset Paragon cooldown

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BTD6 gameplay

Balance Changes


To encourage challenge diversity using the new extended list of preset rounds in freeplay, we have decided to make a tweak to freeplay income tax to drop it off slightly slower and allow a little more cash to be earned naturally in this range.

  • Round 101+ natural income generation increased from 2%->5%
  • Round 121+ natural income generation remains at 2%

Dart Monkey

  • xxx4 Sharpshooter attack cooldown reduced from 0.75 > 0.6
  • xx5 Crossbow Master attack cooldown unchanged
  • xx4 Sharpshooter crit rate changed from 8-12 shots to every 10th
  • xx5 Crossbow Master crit rate changed from 4-8 shots to every 5th
  • xx5 Crossbow Master pierce reduced from 10 > 8
  • Apex Plasma Master attack cooldown increased from 0.3 > 0.35

Tack Shooter

  • xx5 Tack Zone damage reduced from 2 > 1
  • xx5 Tack Zone gains bonus damage to MOABs +1
  • 4xx Ring of Fire pierce reduced from 60 > 40
  • 4xx Ring of Fire pierce damage increased from 3 > 5
  • 5xx Inferno Ring damage increased from 4 > 8
  • 5xx Inferno Ring MOAB bonus reduced from 6 > 4
  • 5xx Inferno Ring attack speed unchanged
  • 5xx Inferno Ring Meteor now follows Target Priority

Ice Monkey

Arctic Wind hardly gets used for its actual intended purpose, which would be cool to see used for more than just causing ice platform bug reports.

  • Arctic Wind aura slow amount increased from 40 > 60%

Glue Gunner

  • 5xx Bloon solver DoT’s Ceramic bonus damage increased from 2 > 8
  • 5xx Bloon Solver DoT’s increased Ceramic damage will not skip through extra children layers upon breaking the ceramic layer

Sniper Monkey

After the lower tier nerfs Elite sNipe still remains just a bit too good even without considering its cash production.

  • x5x Elite Cniper price increased from $13,000 > $14,500

Monkey Buccaneer

  • x4x Monkey Pirates Grapes damage increased 1 > 2
  • x4x Monkey Pirates Grapes ceramic bonus increased 1 > 2
  • x4x Monkey Pirates Cannonball explosion damage increased 2 > 3
  • x4x Monkey Pirates Cannonball explosion MOAB bonus increased 0 > 6
  • x4x Monkey Pirates price increased $4500 > $4900
  • x5x Pirate Lord Grapes damage increased 5 > 10
  • x5x Pirate Lord Grapes ceramic bonus increased 5 > 10
  • x5x Pirate Lord burn damage increased 1 > 9
  • x5x Pirate Lord Cannonball explosion damage increased 2 > 5
  • x5x Pirate Lord Cannonball explosion MOAB bonus increased 0 > 10
  • x5x Pirate Lord frags MOAB bonus increased 0 > 5
  • xx5 Trade Empire cash per round per merchant when applied to xx3 Merchantmen reduced $20 > $15
  • xx5 Trade Empire cash per round per merchant when applied to xx4 Favored Trades remains at $20

Monkey Ace

  • xx4 Spectre darts and bombs now both have weaker homing effect
  • xx4 Spectre dart damage increased from 2 > 3
  • xx4 Spectre bomb damage reduced from 3 >2
  • xx4 Spectre bomb ceramic bonus increased from 2 > 4
  • xx Flying Fortress darts now deal bonus damage to MOABs +10

Heli Pilot

  • 4xx Apache Dartship rotors damage increased 2 > 4
  • 4xx Apache Dartship rotors pierce increased 10 > 20
  • 5xx Apache Prime rotors damage increased 2 > 8
  • 5xx Apache Prime rotors pierce increased 10 > 40
  • x4x Support Chinook price reduced 12,000 > 10,500
  • x4x Support Chinook crate cash reduced $1800 > $1650
  • x3x Downdraft price increased 3000 > 3500
  • xx3 MOAB Shove price reduced 3500 > 3000
  • xx1 Faster Darts also increases attack distance of dart attacks by +30%

Mortar Monkey

  • 4xx The Big One shockwave gains bonus to ceramic +1
  • 5xx The Biggest One price increased from $28,000 > $36,000
  • 5xx The Biggest One can now stun MOAB Class Bloons at a reduced rate
    • MOAB 0.3s, BFB/DDT 0.2s, ZOMG 0.1s
  • x4x Artillery Battery deals bonus damage to BADs and Bosses targets > 4
  • x5x Pop and Awe grants all other x4x mortars bonus dmg to BADs and BOsses > 6
  • xx3 Signal Flare can now decamo DDTs
  • Paint Stripper MK now instead allows xx4 Shattering Shells to remove Fortifications form DDTs
  • xx4 Shattering Shells DoT damage per tic increased 1 > 5
  • xx5 Blooncineration DoT damage per tic remains at 5

Dartling Gunner

  • x3x Hydra Rockets price reduced from %5250 > $5100
  • x4x Rocket Storm price increased from $5100 > $5250
  • xx3 Buckshot dartling pierce increased 4 > 6
  • xx5 Bloon Exclusion Zone pierce remains at 6
  • 203 Focused Firing distance bonus 25% > 40%

Wizard Monkey

  • 020 Wall of Fire pierce per tic reduced from 15 > 10
  • 021 Wall of Fire pierce per tic reduced from 19 > 15
  • 020 Wall of Fire damage tic rate reduced 0.1 > 0.15
  • 020 Wall of Fire spawn rate reduced 5.5 > 6.5
  • 120 Wall of Fire duration increased 4.5 > 5.5
  • 120 Wall of Fire no longer auto-targets but gains a target marker (like x3x Engineer)
  • 030 Dragon’s Breath base damage increased 1 > 2
  • 030 Dragon’s Breath WoF damage tic rate remains 0.1
  • 030 Dragon’s Breath WoF pierce per tic increased 15 > 20
  • x4x Summon Phoenix price increased $4000 > $4500
  • x4x Summon Phoenix pierce reduced 10 > 8
  • xx3 Shimmer radius increased 70 > 80
  • xx3 Shimmer price reduced $1700 > $1500

Super Monkey

  • x5x The Anti Bloon ability cooldown reduced 45 > 30s
  • xx2 Ultravision grants bonus damage to camo bloons +1
  • xx5 Legend of the Night cooldown increased 120 > 180s

Ninja Monkey

  • xx3 Flash Bomb price reduced $2750 > $2250
  • xx4 Sticky Bomb price reduced $4500 > $5000


  • 140 Transforming Tonic monster pierce increased 6 > 9
  • 041 Transforming Tonic attack speed increased 0.03 > 0.024s
  • 2xx Acidic Mixture Dip max no. stacks reduced 200 > 40


  • 2xx Heart of Thunder damage increased from 1 > 2
  • 4xx Ball of Lightning (HoT) damage increased from 1 > 3
  • 4xx Ball of Lightning (Ball) damage increased from 2 > 3
  • 5xx Superstorm (HoT) damage increased from 3 > 10
  • 5xx Superstorm (Ball) damage increased from 5 > 10
  • 205 Avatar of Wrath applies its full RBE damage bonus scaling to Heart of Thunder
  • x4x Jungle’s Bounty vine can now follow tower Target Priority

Spike Factory

  • 4xx Spiked Mines spikes bonus to fortified increased 1 >3
  • 4xx Spiked Mines explosions bonus to fortified increased 1 > 3


  • 3xx Sprockets buff amount to sentry rate and deployment increased 40 > 50%
  • 120 Sentries can now benefit from both of the MOAB and fort damage bonus on one target if that target is a fortified MOAB
  • x3x Cleansing Foam attack gains 1s of 4x rate on round start


  • Lv3 Cocktail of Fire gains a target selection point
  • Lv5 Pyrotechnics Expert: All Ring of Fire, Signal Flare and Dragon’s Breath gain 10% rate and radius
  • Lv18 Pyrotechnics Master: Ring of Fire, Signal Flare and Dragon’s Breath buff increased from 10% > 20%
  • Lv10 Firestorm initial damage increased 2 > 5
  • Lv10 Firestorm initial MOAB damage increased 2 > 20
  • Lv20 Firestorm initial damage increased 5 > 10
  • Lv20 Firestorm initial MOAB damage increased 5 > 50


  • Lv3 Heartstopper can now activate if there are Purple Bloons spawned regardless of if they are regrow or not
  • Lv3 Heartstopper now also removes Purple Bloon immunity for duration
  • Lv3 Heartstopper duration increased 6 > 10
  • Lv3 Heartstopper cooldown reduced 60 – 45s
  • Lv7 Sacrificial Totem now gains a targeting option for spawn
  • Lv7 Sacrificial Totem grants an additional pierce to Wizards 1 > 2
  • Lv7 Sacrificial Totem grants an additional attack speed to Wizards 15 > 20
  • Lv12 Heartstopper cooldown reduced 45 > 40


  • Lv3 Long arm of the Light cooldown reduced from 45 ? 35s
  • Lv9 Main attack gains increased damage to fortified Bloons +2
  • Lv13 Main attack fortified damage bonus increased +3
  • Lv15 Ball of Light fortified damage bonus increased +5
  • Lv20 Ball of Light fortified damage bonus increased to +20

Admiral Brickell

  • Lv10 Mega Mine explosion no longer blocked by map line of sight
  • Lv12 main handgun damage increased 7 > 8
  • Lv15 main handgun damage increased 9 > 12
  • Lv17 main handgun damage increased 11 > 18

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That is all we have on the patch notes for BTD6 update 33! We hope that has been super informative. If you need to know any more visit the official Reddit page of BTD6! Many thanks to them for all the info provided. Good luck and happy gaming!

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BTD6 Update 33: Full Patch Notes List

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