BTD6: All Relics and What They Do Listed


There are many different tower defense games. Some of them are classic, and some are trying to develop the genre by adding new features. And BTD6 belongs to the second type. In addition to using different Towers, you can also use different Heroes and Relics. And in this guide, we will show you a list of all Relics and what they do in BTD6.

All Relics and What They Do Listed

BTD6 has some interesting modes, difficulty levels, and, of course, Towers. Each Tower is unique and suitable for certain types of Bloons. You can also use Relics which will change the game a bit.

During the game, you can collect relic tiles to get new Relics. Each Relic modifies the game and gives you certain bonuses. And so, here is a list of all Relics in BTD6.

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All BTD6 Relics and What they Do List

AbilitizedMonkey Ability cooldown time was reduced by 10%.
Air And SeaYou can place or upgrade Sub, Buccaneer, Heli, and Ace for 10% Cheaper. Also, their cooldown time is reduced by 5%.
Alchemist TouchAll of your attacks can pop Lead Bloons.
Bigger Bloon SabotageAll MOAB Bloons speed was reduced by 5%. They also have 15% less health.
Broken HeartYou can deal +1 damage to Regrow Bloons.
Box of ChocolatesAt the start of the game, you have 100 extra lives.
Box of MonkeyYou start every game with a free Monkey worth less than $500.
Camo-floggedYou can deal +1 damage to Camo Bloons.
Camo TrapYou can use 2 Camo Trap Powerups per game.
Deep HeatAll of your attacks can pop White Bloons.
Extra EmpoweredAt the start of the game, your Hero has 3 extra levels.
Flint TipsWhen Sharp Projectiles damage Bloons, they add a fire DoT.
FortifriedYou can deal +1 damage to Fortified Bloons.
Glue TrapYou can use 2 Glue Trap Powerups per game.
Going the DistanceAll Monkeys receive a 10% range bonus.
Hard BakedYou can deal +1 damage to Ceramic Bloons.
Hero BoostHeroes receive a 10% bonus to experience gained.
Mana BulwarkA Shield appears that absorbs up to 50 lives.
Marching BootsPlayers may have 1 more tower of each type or 4 more than the maximum number per game.
MOAB MineYou can use 1 MOAB Mine Powerup per game.
Monkey BoostYou can use 3 Monkey Boosts per game.
RegenerationEach round you will restore 10 lives.
Road SpikesFor each game, you will receive 10 stacks of Road Spikes.
Rounding UpAt the end of each round, you get +$20.
Royal TreatmentAll of your attacks can pop Purple Bloons.
SharpsplosionAll of your attacks can pop Black Bloons.
SMSYou can use w SMS Mine Powerups per game.
Starting StashAt the start of the game, you have 300 extra cash.
Tech BotYou can use 1 Tech Bot Powerup per game.
ThriveYou can use 2 Thrive Powerups per game.

Now you know about all Relics in BTD6. Use our list to find out what each Relic does. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on how to download and use BTD6 Mod Manager.

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BTD6: All Relics and What They Do Listed


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