How to Get Lunarpup in Coromon

How to Get Lunarpup in Coromon

Even though the game Coromon just appeared in the game world a few days ago, it already has over 100 different creatures that you can catch and add to your collection of coromons. One such creature is Lunarpup, and in this article, we will tell you how and where to catch this coromon.

How to Get Lunarpup in Coromon

Lunarpup is a small and fairly weak coromon of normal rarity, a ghost type that isn’t that hard to catch.

He looks like a ghostly dog ​​with a skull on his head, and a small moon always flies next to him. Depending on the strength of this coromon, it comes in 3 colors:

  • Weak – light gray
  • Strong – gray-blue
  • Perfect – red

Also reaching certain levels, this coromon can evolve into stronger coromons:

  • Level 21 – Lunarwulf
  • Level 39 – Eclyptor

To catch Lunarpup, you need to do the following:

  • Go to Donar Island.
  • After that, visit Thunderous Cave. This cave has several floors.
  • On the upper floors of the cave, you will find many electrical-type coromons. You need to go down to the lowest floors.
  • On the lower floors, you can encounter many ghost-type coromons and also find Lunarpup.
  • You need to defeat Lunarpup, after which it will become one of your coromons.

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Most players will be on the hunt for the perfect version of Lunarpup, but they don’t have to do so. You can get the perfect Lunarpup by trading with Abdallah. But for this, you will need to visit the Frostpeak base.

Lunarpup is not the strongest coromon and it will be difficult for you to level it up at first, but when it evolves, you will get an incredibly strong ally.

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How to Get Lunarpup in Coromon


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