Coromon Combat System Guide and Tips

Coromon Combat System Guide and Tips

Coromon is a brand new game that became available for download on March 31, 2022, across mobile, PC, and console devices. When you first look at the game, you will immediately notice the resemblance to Pokemon. This is not a coincidence, since Coromon, in many ways, was inspired by the legendary game series. The combat system is a bit reminiscent of Pokemon games, but still has its unique mechanics and rules, and that’s what we’ll talk about in this article.

Coromon Combat System Guide and Tips

When you start a battle, you might think for a second that you’re playing an old Pokemon pixel game, but it’s not. Coromon is a unique game, with incredible creatures and an interesting combat system, and it can be conditionally divided into 2 groups: Coromon characteristics and combat system. Let’s look at this in more detail.

Combat characteristics of Coromon:

  • HP. Determines how much health Coromon has. When Coromon takes damage, the amount of HP decreases, and if it drops to 0, then the character will lose.
  • SP. Determines how many skills your creature can use during combat. SP is spent when Coromon uses skills.
  • Attack. Determines the amount of damage Coromon will deal.
  • Defense. Determines how much physical damage Coromon can ignore.
  • Special Attack. Determines how much damage Coromon will deal with this special attack.
  • Special Defense. Determines how much Special Attack damage Coromon can ignore.
  • Speed. Determines the order in which the Coromons will attack.
  • Potential Value(PV). Determines how valuable the Coromon will be. This characteristic affects almost all other characteristics.
  • Accuracy. Determines the chance that Coromon’s attack will hit its target.
  • Evasion. Determines the chance to dodge an incoming attack.
  • Crit Chance. Determines how much chance Coromon will deal increased damage.

The combat system of Coromon:

  • During combat, your Coromon can use 3 types of abilities: physical skills, special skills, and status skills.
  • The effectiveness of skills can be affected by the battlefield. Physical skills most often involve contact between Coromons, which can cause the attacker to be buffed or unbuffed by interacting with the field or another Coromon.
  • Special skills often do not involve contact between Coromons and are also more powerful. Using a special skill, Coromon uses special attacks of a certain type, which will be more or less effective against different enemies.
  • Status skills do not deal damage, but rather can buff your Coromon or give a debuff to your opponent’s Coromon.
  • The game has a unique system for determining the type of Coromon. The type of Coromon depends on what skills they have, which means you can have 2 completely identical Coromons, but one will be fire type and the other water.
  • The fight continues until one of the Coromons runs out of health.
  • There are also battles with the Titans. These are huge bosses, and to fight them, you need to prepare a strong team of Coromons and develop a strategy. But despite this, the essence of the battle remains the same.

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Coromon Combat System Guide and Tips


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