How to Get Lucre (Gold) Fast in Echoes of Mana


In Echoes of Mana you have to unlock new heroes. And to do it, you need plenty of Lucre. It’s clear that the more you play, the more Lucre you get. However, there are some tips that allow you to spend your time more effectively.

The Best Way to Farm Lucre in Echoes of Mana

Unfortunately, the game provides an energy system. There are some limits that you will stick with if you want to earn a lot. So, you need to spend your energy most effectively if you want to earn a lot. And here is the trick.

The best way to farm gold is by earning and selling 1 tier memory gems. The point is that they are overpriced when you sell them. They give a too small amount of XP. Therefore, you have to sell them, but not update your items with 1 tier memory gems. The same thing you can do with tier 2 memory gems, but it’s only if you want to get gold as fast as possible. But how to get them?

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Gems in Echoes of Mana

These gems are given to you when you are fighting. And the further you get on your progress, the more resources you will be getting by completing the missions. However, there is still one useful tip. You have to avoid doing the daily lucre missions as much as possible since you have only 3 missions available. It allows you to earn more.

That’s all about earning gold in Echoes of Mana. Spend your time effectively!

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How to Get Lucre (Gold) Fast in Echoes of Mana


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