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How to Get Lodestone in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

How to Get Lodestone in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft is all about gathering blocks and items. Right off the first day, players collect wood and start building a shelter using blocks. Every update keeps adding new blocks for gamers to use in Minecraft.

In 2020, Mojang Studios released the fantastic Nether Update to revamp the dull hellish realm in Minecraft. The 1.16 update added many beautiful and exciting blocks like crimson wood, warped wood, lodestone, and more.

Lodestone is a utility block that can force a compass to point towards itself. In this Minecraft guide, we talk about lodestone and how to get this block.

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How to Get Lodestone in Minecraft

Lodestone helps make compasses more useful in Minecraft. By default, compasses point towards the spawn point in the Overworld. Players can use a compass on a lodestone block to make the needle point towards the block.

The best way to get lodestone block is by looting bridge chest in bastion remnants. These chests always have one lodestone inside along with other items like iron, gold, gilded blackstone, and more.

Like most other Minecraft blocks, lodestone can also be crafted. However, crafting this block is never suggested because of its cost. Players need eight chisel stone bricks and one netherite ingot to make one lodestone. Considering how rare netherite is, players should loot bastion remnants to get lodestone rather than create it.

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How to Get Lodestone in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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