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How to Get and Use Netherite in Minecraft

How to Get and Use Netherite in Minecraft
Nether Update added netherite
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In Minecraft’s history, diamond stayed as the best mineral for crafting tools, armors, and weapons for a long time. But 2020’s Nether Update changed this fact forever by adding netherite, a rare mineral found in the hellish realm of Minecraft.

Items made of netherite are the best in Minecraft. As expected, netherite is also one of the most challenging items to obtain. If you have been unsuccessful in your search for netherite, here is a guide to help you get netherite in Minecraft.

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Netherite in Minecraft

Netherite is considered one of the most valuable resources because of its rarity. To make one netherite ingot, you will first need to obtain four ancient debris and four gold ingots. Acquiring gold is a breeze compared to finding ancient debris in Minecraft.

How to get Netherite in Minecraft

You can find only two blobs of ancient debris per chunk in the Nether. One blob generates between height level 8-119 and the other between 8-22. The best height for finding ancient debris is 15. Be sure to bring a pickaxe with at least Efficiency IV enchantment to mine netherrack blocks instantly. You can use mining strategies like bed explosion, strip mining, TNT mining, etc., to find ancient debris quickly.

Recipe for netherite ingot

After getting four ancient debris, smelt them in a furnace to make netherite scraps. Combine four netherite scraps and four gold ingots using a crafting table to make one netherite ingot.

Other than crafting, you can also get netherite ingots and ancient debris from loot chests found in bastion remnants. However, it is not a reliable source of netherite ingot as the chances are too low.

How to use Netherite in Minecraft

You are probably under a rock if you are unaware of the uses of netherite ingots. On a smithing table, netherite ingots can turn diamond gears into their netherite variants. Netherite items have the highest durability, retain enchantments from the original diamond tools, and are resistant to fire damage.

Uses of netherite

Though most players use netherite ingots to upgrade their tools, armors, and weapons, there are a few others ways to use them. If you have some netherite ingots to spare, craft a lodestone block to help with navigation.

Like many other minerals, netherite can also work as a power source or base for beacons. If you would like to flex on your friends, try building a pyramid base for a beacon with blocks of netherite.

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How to Get and Use Netherite in Minecraft


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