Call of Duty Mobile

Perks in Call of Duty: Mobile have been added to spice up your battles with extraordinary abilities.

The game features 20 perks at the moment that is further divided into three sub-categories: Red, Green, and Blue. Among all the perks, the Lightweight one is in heavy demand since Activision added the task “Kill 20 enemies with the Lightweight Perk Equipped”.

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With plenty of perks available in the game, most players are puzzled about how to unlock the Lightweight perk. Hence, here’s a comprehensive guide to get Lightweight Perk in COD Mobile Season 2.

How to get Lightweight Perk in COD Mobile

Image via Activision

Players can easily get the Lightweight perk after reaching level 21 in Call of Duty: Mobile.

We highly recommend everyone to play multiplayer matches and get as many frags as possible. It will help them to significantly boost the level-up process and quickly secure the Lightweight perk.

Besides this, try to complete the daily and weekly missions as it will allow you to gain more exp points in a short period of time which directly impacts your in-game level.

Lightweight Perk Ability

Image via Activision

While one equips the Lightweight perk, the sprinting speed increases by 10%, and fall damage is greatly reduced. The perk is beneficial when you’re low on hit points and seeking an ultimate cover. In that case, you can sprint faster than usual and immediately reposition to save yourself from death.

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