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How to Get Legendary Regular Pants in New World

How to Get Legendary Regular Pants in New World

The Legendary Regular Pants is a Light Legwear in New World that players can use to increase their general defense, Crit Def, fortification, and other attributes that keep them alive in battle. And since obtaining the item is tied to farming a specific enemy, many players miss out on the Legendary Regular Pants.

This guide will share the different methods using which you can get the Legendary Regular Pants in New World while sharing its stats. 

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How to Get Legendary Regular Pants in New World

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In New Worldyou can get Legendary Regular Pants as a drop item from Hekka of the Crossroads. You can find the beast in Brimstone Sands, Valley of the Gods, Atum’s Way, and Cradle of Nu, Heka’s Cauldron.

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You can also make other rarity Regular Pants to Legendary once you reach Gear Score 600. But if you want it from drop loot, you can make your way to Valley of the Gods or Cradle of Nu and start farming Hekka of the Crossroads.

Apart from that, you can also salvage 600+ Gear Score, Tier V, Epic or Legendary Infused Armor Scraps, and Infused Armor Fragments for a chance to obtain Legendary Regular Pants in New World. 

Legendary Regular Pant Stats 

Here are the stats you get on a Legendary Regular Pant in New World:

  • Tier: V
  • Gear Score: 590
  • Armor Rating – Elemental: 111.9
  • Armor Rating – Physical: 111.9
  • Constitution: 24
  • Offers an empty gem socket
  • Refreshing effect: Reduces max cooldowns by 2.8%.
  • Shirking Fortification effect: Dodging through an enemy attack grants fortify, increasing damage absorption by 3.8% for 4s. Each armor piece with this perk increases the potency of the effect.
  • Resilient effect: PvP Only: Critical hits deal 4.8% less damage to you.

That concludes our guide on how to get Legendary Regular Pants in New World

New World is an MMO currently available on PC via Steam and Amazon Games. 

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How to Get Legendary Regular Pants in New World


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