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New World: Trade Skill Leveling Guide

New World: Trade Skill Leveling Guide

New World offers insanely vast Trade Skills with three sub-skill, namely, Gathering, Crafting, and Refining, which have different skills under them that you can level up by performing certain activities. And since New World Trade Skills are non-combat skills, many players don’t know how to level it up, and they miss out on receiving the different rewards you obtain by reaching a certain Trade Skill level. Well! This is where our New World Trade Skill leveling guide comes in handy. 

New World: Trade Skill Leveling Guide

To level up the Trade Skill in New World, you must level up each sub-category skill that falls under it. As mentioned earlier, these include:

  • Gathering Skill 
  • Crafting Skill 
  • Refining Skill 

Leveling Gathering Skills in New World

The Gathering Skill in New World offers five different skills. Below we have listed all of them, along with details on how to level them up individually. 

  • Fishing – Use your Fishing Pole tool to catch Fish at Fishing Spots. 
  • Harvesting – Gather herbs and other such resources. 
  • Logging – Use the Logging Axe tool to cut down trees. 
  • Mining – Use the Pickaxe to mine rocks and other mineral deposits. 
  • Tracking and Skinning – Use the Skinning Knife tool to skin animals.

Leveling Crafting Skills in New World

Seven Skills in New World falls under the sub-category, Crafting. Here is how you can level them up:

  • Arcana – Craft potions, weapons, elemental infusions, and other such things.
  • Armoring – Craft armor at any Outfitting Station or forge.
  • Cooking – Cook food items.
  • Engineering – Craft weapons or ammo.
  • Furnishing – Craft furniture, storage chests, and other such things.
  • Jewelcrafting – Craft pieces of jewelry using Cut Gems. 
  • Weaponsmithing – Craft melee weapons.

Leveling Refining Skills in New World

Similar to Gathering Skills, we have five Refining Skills in New World. And here is how you can level them up:

  • Leatherworking – Refine Rawhide and Leathers at any Tannery.
  • Smelting – Refine different metals to make their ingot versions at any Smelter.
  • Stonecutting – Refine raw Gemstones into Gems at any Stonecutting Table.
  • Weaving – Refine plant fibers into fabrics at any Loom. 
  • Woodworking – Refine Raw Wood at any Woodshop.

That is it. That concludes our guide on how to Trade Skills in New World. While you are here, check out some other guides on New World. 

New World: Brimstone Sands update is available via Steam on the PC platform. 

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New World: Trade Skill Leveling Guide


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