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How To Get Kills From Behind – MW2 Guide

How To Get Kills From Behind – MW2 Guide

If you are trying to unlock the M4’s Urban Renewal Camo but don’t know how to get kills from behind, we are here to help you with our MW2 guide. Getting kills from behind is one of the most common challenges that require not-so-common means and skills to progress. But with the help of certain Perks and Field Upgrades and the correct game mode, you can get kills from behind in Modern Warfare 2 in no time. 

How To Get Kills From Behind In Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

In Modern Warfare 2, to get kills from behind, you must play certain game modes with Perks that allow you to sneak up to and behind an enemy and get the kill. Make sure your camera centers on the back of the enemy to make them count as a kill from behind. 

And since getting kills from behind is a Completionist Camo challenge, playing Invasion mode, dropping on the corner sites, and killing bots will not progress the challenge. So, what we recommend players do when it comes to getting kills from behind is equip the M4 since the challenge is to unlock M4’s Urban Renewal Camo, which also helps in unlocking the Gold Camo. 

Then navigate to the Perks menu, create a Custom Perk package and edit it. Use the following Perks:

  • Base Perk: Double Time 
  • Base Perk: Tracker
  • Bonus Perk: Cold Blooded
  • Ultimate Perk: Overclock

Double Time Perk increases crouch movement by 30%, so you need it for sneaking up on enemies. It also increases the duration of Tactical Sprint, making you cover more distance fast. That aside, the Tracker Perk allows you to see enemy footprints on your mini-map, and the Cold Blooded Perk will enable you to be undetected by Al targeting systems and thermal optics. It helps not to trigger a High Alert warning and does not highlight enemy Tactical Cameras, Recon Drones, and Spotter Scopes.

Next, select the Dead Silence Field Upgrade and play Domination or Ground War game modes. We recommend playing Domination game mode to get kills from behind, as there are multiple objectives. Since players are camping to conquer a particular point, you can ambush them easily. 

That is it. That is how you get kills from behind in Modern Warfare 2. While you are here, check out some other guides on COD MW2:

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.

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How To Get Kills From Behind – MW2 Guide


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