How to Get Ice Skates in Terraria

Figure skates in Terraria are an accessory that facilitates the player’s movement on the ice. Equipped skates allow for less slip and faster acceleration. Also, if you fall on thin ice, it will not break.

In this guide, we will tell you how to find a chest with a 100% chance of getting ice skates in it and the benefits of wearing them.

Where to Find Ice Skates

We will tell you how to find a chest with a 100% chance of finding skates in it. When you spawn always go for the right to the snow biome and find huge three in this biome. You must get inside this tree and go underground. There you will find the first lake on your way, go through this lake, under this lake will be a cave with a second lake. There we just need to go deeper, there will be a second cave, and in it will be the third lake. You are on the right way if you see wagon rails, go again through this lake, and when you will be under the lake in the cave, go to the left and down. Congratulation you find a house and a chest in it, with ice skates.

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Benefits of Ice Skates

Ice skates prevent you from breaking through thin ice but still make you take normal damage from falling on it. If the player is more prepared for water underneath (and the “Chilled” debuff it causes in Expert Mode), he may be advised to remove his skates before falling on thin ice.

Although skates give extra speed on the ice when worn on their own, the player cannot move faster than normal sprint speed while wearing the combination of skates and sprint boots. However, he can develop a running speed much faster than on the normal ground.

Ice platforms, workbenches, pianos, tables, and bookcases are not affected by skates.

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