Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise features a unique in-game achievement system that rewards players for completing certain tasks and progressing through the story. While many of these awards can be unlocked by playing the game normally, others will require you to go out of your away to accomplish some tasks.

The Hunting Helper Award is among those Awards that need you to go out of your way to unlock, and so it may take some time to complete. There is a way, however, to unlock this Award rather quickly. Here’s how to.

How To Get Hunting Helper Award In Monster Hunter Rise

The Hunting Helper Award is unlocked after gathering 500 Hunting Helpers. In case you do not know, Hunting Helpers are all Endemic Life creatures that can be used as items on the field. While you will probably unlock this Award by playing the game normally if you pay a lot of attention to the Endemic Life you encounter on the field, there is a very quick way to do so.

Start by talking to Hinoa to embark on the Learning to Ride quest that teaches you the basics of Wyvern Riding. Once out in the field, head over to the left part of the map and pinpoint the location of Puppet Spiders. Capture as many as you can, use them and then rinse and repeat: you will unlock the Award in no time, leaving you free to explore all maps freely without having to always worry about Endemic Life.

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