How To Get Hamburger Buns in Merge Mansion

granny and maddie with a burger in merge mansion

The Fourth of July event in Merge Mansion is on and there is a lot for you to do in it. By completing tasks during this event, you can collect Fourth of July decorations for your house. One of the things you need is burger buns, because well, who wants to eat a hamburger without a bun? Low carb users need not apply. A lot of the Fourth of the July event involves similar merging gameplay as the regular story but is more food-based since the theme is hosting a barbecue. This is how to get hamburger buns in Merge Mansion.

Requirements To Play In The Event

Merging food items in Merge Mansion.

Before delving into that, make sure that you have the requirements to participate in the event. To play in it, you’ll need to be at level twelve and do the first task. You need to unlock the actual event board in order to access the event, which can only be done by completing the first task. After you’ve completed these requirements, you’ll be able to access the event at the gate in your garage.

How To Collect Buns

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Buns will available at first, but they will soon deplete and you’ll have to get more. To do this, simply continually empty the food bags. You’ll eventually get the burger buns, which you need to make fully complete hamburgers. Besides burgers, you’ll be merging to cook other things such as corn, hotdogs, steak, sausage, and ribs.

How To Use Buns For Burgers

For this next step in burger completion, you have to follow the directions on the screen on what to put on the hamburgers. There’s nothing too outlandish here, it’s the usual suspects of pickles, ketchup, lettuce, etc. It’s a very straightforward process that mostly just involves following prompts. The more tasks you complete, the more decorations you’ll be able to buy.

If you want a game that has elements of an idle game but still has a really interesting story behind it, definitely check out Merge Mansion! The July 4th event ends on the 7th, so download and start it as soon as you can.

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How To Get Hamburger Buns in Merge Mansion


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