How to Get Half Human in Roblox Project Ghoul

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In Project Ghoul, you have several options on how to start your game. You can become a ghoul and hunt humans, or become a dove and hunt ghouls. These paths are chosen by most players, but there is also a 3rd option. In this article, we will tell you how to become a half-human.

How to Get Half Human in Roblox Project Ghoul

If we recall the history of the Tokyo Ghoul anime, then we remember that a child of a ghoul and a person could be considered a half-human. Such a child could be born with a very small chance and could become either half-human or half-ghoul. Of course, in the game, the process of obtaining a character of this type is significantly different from the anime. The Half-Ghoul role in this game features the One-Eyed Ghoul type. Well, how to get a half-human, we will tell further:

  • At the beginning of the game, you need to choose a ghoul faction.
  • Next, you need to use the spins and try to get the half-human ghoul type. The chance of getting it is only 0.5%.

You will need to spend a lot of time and maybe even choose a different type of ghoul at first, and only later accumulate spins and get a half-human.

After you become a demihuman, you will receive the following bonuses:

  • Increase agility.
  • Increased health and regeneration.
  • More damage, in the form of +280 Power.

Also note that once you get this type of ghoul, you won’t be able to use the Kagune, but you will be able to get and successfully use the Quinque weapon.

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How to Get Half Human in Roblox Project Ghoul


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