How to Get Quinque in Roblox Project Ghoul

Roblox Project Ghoul Codes (April 2022)

In Project Ghoul, you can become a ghoul by acquiring special skills and powerful Kagune, but you can also choose another way. You can remain human and resist the terrible ghouls. But to be able to fight them, you will need a special weapon. This weapon is called Quinque and in this article, we will tell you how to get it.

How to Get Quinque in Roblox Project Ghoul

It’s worth starting with the fact that if you decide to side with the pigeons and become part of the CCG organization, then you will be an ordinary person. In the beginning, you will be able to get simpler weapons, thanks to which you will kill low-level ghouls and earn RC points. These points come in 4 types: Ukaku, Koukaku, Rinkaku and Bikaku. Depending on the ghoul killed, you will receive a few points of a certain type. You will need these points later.

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Quinque is a more advanced weapon that usually looks like a small silver suitcase, but when active, it turns into various weapons.

You can get Quinque in several ways.

The first way is to go to the CCG HQ and find an NPC from whom you can buy most of the Quinques. Depending on the strength of the Quinque, to get this weapon, you will need:

  • Character level.
  • A certain number of RCs of the type you need.
  • For higher-level Quinques, you will also need in-game currency.

The second way you can get not so many Quinque, but each of these instruments of death is incredibly powerful. Unique weapons such as “Quinque 13’s Jason” can only be obtained with GamePass by spending real money.

But it is worth noting that buying Quinque for real money is only necessary if you like the weapon. If weapon power is your purpose in the game, then the most powerful Quinque can only be obtained for in-game currency, and in this case, there is no need to spend real money.

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How to Get Quinque in Roblox Project Ghoul


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