How to Get Gems and Coins Fast in Snake Rivals – Guide and Tips

How to Get Gems and Coins Fast in Snake Rivals - Guide and Tips

Snake Rivals offers a wide range of ways to differ from other players. When getting a high level or ranking up requires a lot of time, skins are the simplest way. And to get them, you need to get money and do a purchase in a store. So, how to get money?

How to Earn Gems and Coins in Snake Rivals 

As in all games, the best way is to play Snake Rivals as much as possible. However, even if you are playing a lot, it does not guarantee you a great number of gems. It’s quite a rare resource that is hard to get without spending money. There are still some tricks that allow you to progress faster than others. So, this is how to farm gems and coins the most effectively:

  1. Link Facebook to your account. It gives you 300 coins once you have this done. So, it can benefit you well if you start from scratch.
  2. Complete quests. Quests are one of the easiest ways to earn gems. For example, by collecting 1000 apples using the magnet power-up, you will receive 5 gems and additional rewards. Also, completing quests is a part of the next way.
  3. Try to complete achievements. Generally, achievements are an improved version of quests, but they take more time. If you have free time, you can focus your game on completing quests. Otherwise, just play and achievements reward will unexpectedly please you.
  4. Earn free gems and coins by opening cases and watching a video. The simplest way, allows you to earn 40 gems per day only by watching the video.

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And that’s all with earning money in Snake Rivals. Hope you will enjoy it.

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How to Get Gems and Coins Fast in Snake Rivals – Guide and Tips


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