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How to Get Free Balloon in Natural Disaster Survival – Roblox

How to Get Free Balloon in Natural Disaster Survival – Roblox

GamePasses are one of the latest trends in Roblox games. Even the free-to-play Roblox games have GamePasses. In Natural Disaster Survival, GamePasses are in-game items that give you advantages over other players. Read this guide to learn how to get a Free Balloon in Natural Disaster Survival. 

What is a Green Balloon?

Green Balloon is one of the GamePasses in Roblox Disaster Survival. It costs 80 Robux and can be purchased from Green Balloon Sign. Green Balloon allows you to jump much higher, allowing you to get to the most hardly accessible points on the map. Moreover, Green Balloon significantly decreases the fall damage you get.

But the Green Balloon also has disadvantages. It has short air time and doesn’t prevent you from dying if you fall from a high place. 

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How to Get Green Balloon For Free

Even though Green Balloon is a permanent item, many players consider 80 Robux to be overpriced for Green Balloon. Therefore, getting Green Balloon for free is widely requested among Natural Disaster Survival players. 

Unfortunately, no legal in-game way to get Green Balloon for free exists. If you want to obtain and use this GamePass in Natural Disaster Survival, you need to work a little and spend 80 Robux.

Alternatively, you can try to install cheat apps that will allow you to use Green Balloon for free. However, using additional software is a risky decision. First, it is permitted by server rules. You can quickly lose your account if you use cheats. Second, many people offer you stealers and miners instead of cheats. You can lose your data or even a PC if you want to install cheats for Roblox. 

That’s it with getting a free balloon in Natural Disasters Survival. Even though some players offer you this Game Pass for free, it is just a scam to hack your PC. And while you are here, feel free to read our guide on how to fling people in Roblox Natural Disaster Survival.

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How to Get Free Balloon in Natural Disaster Survival – Roblox


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