How New Death Sound Was Made for Roblox


The iconic Roblox death sound has been changed from OOF to, according to some, a less appealing DEH noise. The change came when because the original sound was not actually created by any Roblox developer, and therefore Roblox did not own the rights to it. The new sound replaced the old OOF this year, find out below how the new death sound was made for Roblox.

All About the New Death Sound in Roblox

The original OOF sound that occurred when your Roblox character died, came from a 2000 game named Messiah, and its founder Tommy Tallarico worked out a deal with Roblox Corp so they could keep the sound for a while. The licensing has since ended and the sound is no longer used in Roblox, to the disappointment of many fans.

Roblox Corp have stated: “Related to sounds, due to a licensing issue we have removed the “oof” sound from Roblox and have created a replacement default sound which launches today. We plan to expand our Avatar Shop with a whole range of both old and new sound in the future. More to come on this.”

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The new sound is similar to the old sound but makes more of a DEH sound than an OOF. Some players have likened it to the sound an Enderman makes when they are hit in Minecraft. Whether this is coincidental or not, nobody knows, but it is likely to just be chance that they sound the same.

As the Roblox developers ran into some trouble with licensing issues when they had the last death sound, this time they had it created especially for the game. Players have been complaining that it sounds like a moan or “a half-sneeze, half-moan”. One fan even suggested the developers recorded a cat sneezing and edited it to sound as it does today!

What do you think happened to create the new death sound in Roblox? Let us know in the comments below! Next up, check out more Roblox content in our dedicated section.

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How New Death Sound Was Made for Roblox


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