How to Get Fate Points in Genshin Impact

How to Get Fate Points in Genshin Impact

The new Epitomized Path mechanic greatly simplifies the acquisition of 5-star weapons in Genshin Impact. In this guide, we’ll go into the new feature’s details and tell you how to get fate points.

What Is the Epitomized Path Mechanic? 

5-Star Weapons are highly desirable equipment for players. Unfortunately, before update 2.0, one had to hope for luck—the orange weapons could only be obtained in banners, and the chances of getting the highest quality items were extremely low.

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The Epitomized Path mechanic is designed to slightly reduce the random factor of obtaining weapons, allowing you to get 100% exactly what you need on the third guaranteed item drop.

Fate Points in Genshin Impact

The new function works as follows:

  • The player chooses which weapon he or she wishes to get.
  • Then he or she needs to get weapons in a banner.
  • If the player receives a weapon that is not the one he chose, he or she is awarded one fate point.

Having accumulated 2 points, the next weapon will be 100% exactly what the player has chosen.

The mechanic does not work for all banners though. Therefore, before planning to get a 5-star weapon, you need to learn all the nuances of the banner.

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How to Get Fate Points in Genshin Impact


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