How to Get Equipment in Echoes of Mana – Guide and Tips

Echoes Of Mana

Improving your character is a part and parcel process of the game. Also, you have to continue to improve your gear throughout the game. But there is a question about how to get equipment in Echoes of Mana? So, let’s check.

How to Obtain the Best Gear in Echoes of Mana

You need to know that the better your gear is, the easier a game is for you. Therefore, you need to collect and wear the most powerful armor. And talking about updating the armor, you have to update only 4 or 5 stars armor, which you can wear constantly. So, here are the best ways to get equipment in Echoes of Mana.

  1. Doing Co-op Quest Selection. Most people say that co-op is broken. However, it’s not so. If you have a good team and have some experience in it, you can easily get the best armor in the game. If you play solo, join some discord servers and find the team that needs 1 more player. That way, you can gain some experience on how to complete these quests, and after create your team and do it yourself.
  2. Completing the main story. The easiest way in the game. You will get the equipment by finishing 1 and 2 chapters on the Hard and Very Hard modes, and armor will be given to you each time you complete chapter 3 and further chapters on any difficulty.
  3. Getting gear from Dungeons. When you complete the chapter 3-11, you will get access to the dungeons. To get to them, you need to go to the training tab. By completing dungeons, you will get the equipment. And the harder is the dungeon, the better equipment you get.

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That’s all about getting armor in Echoes of Mana. Hope you found this guide helpful and chose the best way for you!

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How to Get Equipment in Echoes of Mana – Guide and Tips


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