How to Get Cursed Flame in Terraria

Terraria is an adventure game and exploring is one of the main activities there. You have different biomes and locations to go and there is a huge amount of items you can find there. These are equipment, artifacts, accessories, ingredients, and materials for crafting. Today we will talk about the last ones. One of the most important resources to progress in the game is Cursed Flame. This is a material to craft magic spells and many other useful things. This guide will tell you how to find Cursed Flame in Terraria.

How to Obtain Cursed Flame in Terraria

Cursed Flame in Terraria looks like a green flame that can’t be put out even by water. It is a crafting material that you can find in the Hardmode version of The Corruption biome. So, you won’t be able to get it if you play in the world with the Crimson biome.

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Cursed Flame is a drop item. You can get it as a drop from different Hardmode mobs in The Corruption biome. These are Clinger, World Feeder, and Vile Ghoul. The first two have a 100% drop rate of the item, while Vile Ghouls got only a 33.3% chance. The last opportunity to get Cursed Flame in Terraria is available only for desktop and mobile versions of the game. It can be pulled out of the Defiled Crate. This one is a Hardmode version of crates that you can get in The Corruption by fishing.

Cursed Flame in Terraria is an important item and it serves for crafting different items. These include Cursed Flames magi spell, Cursed Darts, Torches, Arrows, and many other items. Be patient and prepare to kill lots of mobs in The Corruption. It won’t be easy but this is just another challenge you need to overcome.

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