How to Get a Panic Necklace in Terraria

How to Get Onyx Blaster in Terraria
How to Get Onyx Blaster in Terraria

Terraria is a game with lots of different items, equipment, and accessories in it. They give you different bonuses and stats that make your character stronger. Panic Necklace is one of the accessories that can be found in the Crimson biome. This necklace gives you additional movement speed when the wearer is under attack. If you are interested in finding Panic Necklace in Terraria, this guide will tell you how to get it.

How to Obtain a Panic Necklace in Terraria

Panic Necklace in Terraria is an artifact that serves as an accessory for your character. Its passive stats give you an additional movement speed bonus for a short time when you are hit. Obtaining it may be not so easy, as you will need to create a world with Crimson biome, and the artifact can’t be crafted in all versions but only in the desktop one.

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There are few ways to get the Panic Necklace in Terraria and the first one is to simply pull it out of crates or Crimson Hearts. The last ones are spread across the Crimson biome. The necklace can be dropped out of it with a 20% chance for desktop, console, and mobile versions. The chance for the 3DS version is 25%. The other thing it can be pulled out of is crates. There are two crates that you can obtain in Crimson by fishing. These are Crimson Crates and Hematic Crates. The chance of the necklace’s drop is 20%.

If you are playing the desktop version, then you have an opportunity to craft the Panic Necklace. You will need to use Tinkerer’s Workshop + Echo Mist as a crafting station. The ingredients you need are Band of Starpower and Life Crystal. This way you can craft the Panic Necklace if you were unlucky and didn’t get it from crates and hearts.

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How to Get a Panic Necklace in Terraria


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