A few days ago we have covered some useful tips and tricks for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, the new FIFA Ultimate Team game now available on the App Store.

Now that we have covered how to build your team properly, we will be covering another really important aspect of the game: coins and FIFA Points. Being a free to play game, knowing how to maximize your coins and points earning is incredibly imporant in enjoying the game without being forced to purchase them with real money.


There are a few things that influence how many coins you earn in a single match: the number of scored goals and other notable feats and the difficulty level. For this reason it’s always best to play matches on the highest difficulty possible to earn more coins. Since the number of earned coins doesn’t change with the total length of the match, it’s possible to earn more coins by playing short 2 minutes and half exhibition matches: with a powerful team, you should be able to score a few goals as well, increasing your total earned coins. To make things even easier, you may want to play against the weakest team available, as the team’s ability doesn’t influence the amoun of coins earned. Playing against the team of the week will also make you earn extra coins.

Another good way to earn more coins is by playing in the season and tournament modes. Tournaments that are really limited in time and have some strange requirements are the ones that you want to play, as they will make you earn more coins. Some of these tournaments will also make you earn some FIFA points.

Aside from playing special tournaments, there doesn’t seem to be another good way to earn FIFA points, other than purchasing them. Luckily there’s no real need to get them unless you’re having some big problems in the game.





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