How to get Clothlets in Ooblets


Ooblets is a life simulation game where players will need to collect Clothlets as well as plant Clothplants Seeds if they plan on fixing their farmhouses and making Oobcoops.

However, in order to do this, players will need a lot of Clothlets. So in this guide, we’ll be showing you how to get Clothlets in Ooblets and also Clothplants Seeds which will allow you to automate the collection process.

How to get Clothlets in Ooblets

There are many ways that you can find Clothlets in Ooblets, and in this case, the simplest way for you will be to grow them from Clothplants. You can purchase these from Meed’s Seed in Badgetown for 32 Gummies and often they’ll go on sale for half the price, giving you the chance to purchase them at 16 Gummies.


Once you have the Seeds, you can now plant them await three in-game days before getting Clothlets from your planted crops. Also, if you have any fertilizer on hand, you can use it to speed up the growing process. So instead of waiting for three in-game days, you might only wait half of that.

However, weeds might start to sprout up on your farm and affect your crops. If this happens, there’s a chance you might get some additional Clothplants Seeds by pulling up and removing all the pesky weeds. Although it doesn’t always happen but when it does, it’s a nice reward for doing daily chores.

Finding Clothlets by Exploring


Another way of getting Clothlets in Ooblets is by exploring Oob and spending 10 Wishes at the Wishing Well. With that said, this isn’t the most effective method as it can take up a lot of your time and not give you a sufficient amount of Clothlets in return.

You should only try to get Clothlets through exploration if you’re truly desperate to get your hands on them.

So that’s how to get Clothlets in Ooblets. The game is quite similar to Stardew Valley where you live in a town named Oob and strive to be a good and active member of the town.

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How to get Clothlets in Ooblets


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