How to Get Cloth in Stranded Deep – Guide

Stranded Deep making cloth on a Loom
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Being stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere is not easy. To survive, you will need to be smart and resilient and have at least some resources at your disposal.

One of the most important resources in Stranded Deep is cloth because you will use it to build a shelter, make bandages, and even create a Water Still for getting drinking water.

Therefore, learning how to get cloth in Stranded Deep is of utmost importance, and our guide will show you everything you need to know about it.

What Do You Need to Make Cloth in Stranded Deep?

It is possible to find cloth just lying around on the island or in containers that survived shipwrecks and plane crashes. Still, that may not be enough for all your cloth needs.

You can also make your own cloth, but you will need several things first. The resources used for making cloth are Fibrous Leaves that you can get from Palm Saplings or Yucca Trees. You will need 4 Fibrous Leaves to make one piece of cloth.

Besides leaves, you will need to craft a Loom in your crafting menu (the tent icon), so make sure you have 6 sticks and 4 lashings for this purpose.

How to Make Cloth in Stranded Deep

Once you have your Loom and Fibrous Leaves, place the loom somewhere on the ground and approach it. Then, open the crafting menu and go to the section under the small hammer icon, scroll down until you find Cloth, and select that option to craft it.

That’s all there is to the process! While it may be confusing at first, making cloth is not so challenging after all, so go ahead and get your supplies. You can also check out our other Stranded Deep guides, including How to Regain Health in Stranded Deep and How to Start a Fire in Stranded Deep.

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How to Get Cloth in Stranded Deep – Guide


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