How to Get Blueprints in Infinite Lagrange

How to Get Blueprints in Infinite Lagrange

Blueprints are the most desired thing in the Infinite Lagrange. Even from the start of the game, you will be supposed to buy the blueprints. So, what are the best ways to get blueprints? Read the guide, and you will understand.

How to Get Blueprints Effectively in Infinite Lagrange

Before you start getting Blueprints, you need to purchase Dawn Financial Plan. You should do it even because it is the most profitable way to spend your proxima coins. Choose the plan yourself, but remember that owning it is necessary. 

When you have the financial plan, you can start opening Files. It is the best way to get blueprints. In this guide, there will be a review of all available files in the game.

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Generic BP Files

It is the worst blueprint file. However, it is nearly the only way to spend e-coins. Therefore, you need to purchase 2 of these files daily. Talking about the drop, it will be good if you get AC721. This spaceship is pretty useful when it is used in Missile Type. Also, CASO66 and KCCPV2.0 are perfect options to get. Other blueprints are useless and do not even worth 10,000 coins.

Black Market Tech Files

These files are the best value for money. However, you need to buy these files only if there is a 50% discount. Otherwise, Black Market Tech Files are too expensive. Also, do not buy 3 in 1 offer, as it is unprofitable. The best about these files is that they allow you to purchase Ship & Aircraft BP Files

Ship & Aircraft BP Files

These BP files are the best in the game. However, they are too hard to get. You need to open approximately 15 Black Market Tech Files to get only one Ship & Aircraft BP File. Opening this file, you are guaranteed to get a Blueprint.

So, that is all with getting blueprints in Infinite Lagrange. Hope this guide was helpful for you!

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How to Get Blueprints in Infinite Lagrange


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