How to Get Blueprints Fast in Forge of Empires

How to Get More Population in Forge of Empires

One of the most important resources in Forge of Empires is the people who live in your territory. And to increase the population, you need to build buildings, of which there are a lot in the game. The best choice for experienced players is Great Buildings, but to build it, in addition to the usual resources, you will need to get a lot of blueprints. In this article, we will tell you how to get blueprints faster.

How to Get Blueprints Fast in Forge of Empires

There are many ways to get blueprints in the game. If you have reached the level to build great buildings, then most likely you already have several blueprints, but to build a building you will need as many as 9. Also, to build each great building, you will need blueprints of this particular building. Therefore, getting all 9 will not be so easy.

How to get blueprints fast:

  • You can get blueprints by helping other players by polishing and motivating.
  • Also, with a small chance, you can get blueprints after attacking another player.
  • Blueprints can be obtained as a reward for various quests, Guild Expeditions, Daily Challenges, and Incidents.
  • If you help another player build great buildings, you can also get blueprints if you take victory places.
  • You can get the blueprints you need by trading with other players.
  • Blueprints can be bought for diamonds.
  • You can buy blueprints from Antiques Dealer.
  • You can also get blueprints when building some special buildings. For example, this could be the Shrine of Inspiration and the Altar of Hestia.
  • Always participate in events, as you can get a lot of rewards there, including blueprints.

We hope that our article was useful for you and you were able to find the best ways to get blueprints for yourself.

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How to Get Blueprints Fast in Forge of Empires


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