How to Get More Population in Forge of Empires

How to Get More Population in Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires is a rather old, but still interesting strategy game. In this game, you have to start your journey from the stone age, and gradually improve your empire to the era of space travel. To successfully develop your possessions, capture new territories and build important technological structures, you need to have a large population. There are many ways to increase the population, and in this article, we will tell you exactly how to do this.

How to Get More Population in Forge of Empires

The population is one of the most important resources of your empire, and the more people living in your territories, the better for you since the construction of some industrial, military, and commodity buildings is only available if you have enough population.

How to get more population:

  • You can build Residential Buildings. This is the main way to increase the population for most players, as you only need coins and some materials to build. There are many types of these buildings in the game and depending on which one you build, you can increase the population from 14 people to 8380 people.
  • You can build Special Residential Buildings. You can most often get such a building during special events, completing daily challenges, or get it as a reward for a successful guild expedition. With these buildings, you will be able to increase the population much less than with Residential Buildings. But Special Residential Buildings have their advantages, as these buildings can bring blacksmithing points, medals, and goods.
  • You can build Great Buildings. The construction of such buildings is the best choice for advanced players. These buildings are much more expensive to build, but taking up the same amount of space as regular buildings, Great Buildings can increase your empire’s population to 20,000 people per building. But to achieve such indicators, it will be necessary not only to build but also to improve the Great Buildings.

These were all ways how you can increase the population in the game Forge of Empires. Unfortunately, this can only be done by building new buildings and improving them, but perhaps in the future, the developers will add other ways.

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How to Get More Population in Forge of Empires


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