MIR4 is a new free-to-play MMORPG, and like other games of its kind, it has a familiar equipment tiers gradation, starting from common items and ending with legendary ones. These items are also divided by colors, and today we are going to talk about the blue ones. These are called rare or mystic gear and they stand above the green items, the uncommon ones.

Getting more rare types of equipment, like epic or legendary, is quite difficult. This guide will tell you how to equip your character with mystic items in MIR4.

How to Obtain Rare and Mystic Gear in MIR4

The first and easiest way to obtain rare or mystic gear in MIR4 is to complete raids. You can get a rare item as one of the final rewards. The game also makes it a habit to provide you with rare or mystic equipment within the first completion rewards. You will get these when you finish a raid for the first time. Another way to get these items is to craft them.

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How to Craft Rare and Mystic Gear in MIR4

Crafting rare or mystic gear in MIR4 is quite a hard task as, in order to craft gear, you will need to obtain many different resources. Some of these resources can be crafted as well, while others are obtainable via drop from some mobs or raids.

When you finally get all the resources you need to craft the item, you should find an NPC who can do this for you. You can go to Dampyo in Bicheon Castle and give all you’ve collected to him. After that, the craftsman will make the item for you.

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How to Get Blue (Rare and Mystic) Gear in MIR4


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