How to Get Best Weapon and Armor Fast in Disgaea Rpg – Guide and Tips

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Wearing proper equipment is the key to making your hero powerful. By using the kit you can increase the character’s stats as well. Also, it allows you to update the weak points of your hero. So, how to get good equipment? Read the Guide, and you will understand.

Equipment Guide in Disgaea Rpg

You need to know that the maximum possible level of equipment is 27. However, there is some glitch you can use to get the kit with more than level 27. It is the item world. So, let’s start!

First, you need to get an item with a flor 10. It is required because the better flor is, the more boosts your equipment will get with the level increasing. However, it is recommended to pick the item with level 20 or more. Otherwise, it will take too long to get a good weapon. So, when you have the item with the proper flor and level, you can start farming. 

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Start the battle in the item world. While fighting, focus on killing the boss. It will be in the middle of the crowd. Do not use AoE attacks and do not kill everyone you want. Start with the boss. If he drops an item, you are lucky and can continue to the next level. If not, you need to go to the top left corner of the screen and hit the retry button.

The armor or weapons you will get by killing the boss will always be one level higher than you currently have. However, even though rank increases only by one, stats increase very well.

Unfortunately, using this way, you will not be able to get the best rarity items, even if you keep retrying a lot. So, do not focus on the rarity, it does not matter.

That is all with getting the best equipment in Disgaea RPG. Hope you consider this guide helpful!

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How to Get Best Weapon and Armor Fast in Disgaea Rpg – Guide and Tips


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