Best Starters in Disgaea RPG

Best Starters in Disgaea RPG

Disgaea RPG is an interesting free-to-play mobile RPG game published for Android and IOS. It belongs to the well-known Disgaea franchise and there are lots of characters that you are able to obtain, upgrade, and use to form the strongest team. However, these characters belong to different categories and you are able to obtain a four-star hero at the beginning of your journey. So, this guide will tell you about the best starter characters in Disgaea RPG.

Best Starter Characters in Disgaea RPG

The character you pick at the beginning of Disgaea RPG is very important. They are all different and their abilities can be very beneficial for you. However, picking the most effective character is not the best option due to the fact that such a character may be inefficient without a proper team. So, as your starter character, we recommend you pick someone who is able to carry your account without big investments.

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The best starter character should be able to perform great in any possible situation and be not very demanding. The first starter character we recommend to you is Desco. She is able to perform a strong and low-cost AoE attack and it makes her a good carry character at the beginning of your journey. Also, she is not very demanding and can be a good damage dealer for a team based on Monsters.

There are also two good starter characters that are not as valuable as Desco. These are Valvatorez and Laharl. Both of them are able to provide you with good damage. Laharl will fit great in any team while Valvatorez is a good addition for sword-based groups. Even though they are not as good as Desco you can pick them if you like these characters.

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Best Starters in Disgaea RPG


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