Welcome back to the Netherworld! In today’s Disgaea RPG we’ll discuss the current tier list for the game. Since the global version of the game just launched, we’re still missing quite a few units compared to the Japanese version. Nevertheless, we’ve put together a Disgaea RPG tier list to help you plan your potential main party!

Disgaea RPG Tier List

Before you dive into the tier list, please know that this list is not concrete and shouldn’t be taken as such. Almost every single character in Disgaea RPG, when upgraded enough, can be viable to beat most of the game’s content. So, don’t sweat it if you get unlucky with your draws, because at the end of the day an N.E. 10 3-star character will be better than an N.E. 0 4-star character.

Please also note that this list only contains the premium characters from the global version of the game. The Japanese version has been out for about a year now, so that tier is much different from ours.

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S Tier

Desco is one of the best farming characters in the game thanks to her unique skills dealing AoE damage. She also boosts the stats of monsters in the party, making her an excellent monster leader.

Laharl is the ultimate boss killer and one of the best leaders to have. His main evility increases the stats of all party members, no matter humanoid or monster. His N.E. upgrades enhance his skill damage, causing his unique skills to deal insane damage!

Girl Laharl is a slightly modified version of Laharl. Her main evilities increases the party’s ATK and INT, and she has the same unique skills as Laharl. Her N.E. upgrades enhance her action gauge and regenerate SP, enabling her to become just as strong as Laharl with her skills.

Valvatorez is a good leader for a sword party, as his main evility increases the ATK of sword-wielding members. He deals great damage with his N.E. 1 upgrade, and his first unique skill grants him self-healing. Great damage and self-sustain make Valvatorez a top pick.

A Tier

  • Noel
  • Dark Santa Laharl
  • Mao
  • Mid-Boss
  • Sicily

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B Tier

  • Adell
  • Etna
  • Flonne
  • Gordon
  • Jennifer
  • Killia
  • Raspberyl
  • Rozalin
  • Seraphina
  • Thursday
  • Yukimaru

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That concludes our list. Keep in mind that this list will probably shift around a lot once future characters are added into the game. Which characters are your personal top tiers? Let us know in the comments below!

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