Welcome to the Netherworld! Will you rise to the occasion and become the strongest Overlord there is? Disgaea RPG is finally here on mobile, bringing the long-running tactical strategy JRPG series to gamers on the go. The Disgaea series is known for its complex RPG mechanics, so don’t be fooled by Disgaea RPG – despite it being a mobile game, it still features the series’ trademark complexity. With that said, we’re here to guide you through the game with our Disgaea RPG tips, tricks, and cheats strategy guide!

Recommended Starter 4-Star Character

During the tutorial you’ll draw from a pool of characters which gets you exactly one 4-star character to start the game with. You can reroll this draw as many times as you like until you’re happy with whom you get. There are a couple of characters to choose from, and here are a few recommended ones.

  • Laharl‘s main evility boosts the party’s stats. He can use a variety of weapons and when he gains his other evilities he deals crazy damage with his skills.
  • Desco is the master monster tamer. Her main evility boosts the stats of all monsters, making her the popular pick for monster parties. She also deals great area damage with her cheap skills.
  • Valvatorez increases the attack of all sword-wielding characters. He gains extremely powerful when his other evilities unlock, as they increase his damage and grant him self-healing.

These characters are some of the most popular picks right now, but this isn’t an end-all-be-all guide, so choose who you like the most!

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What to Work Towards First

Your first priority when starting Disgaea RPG is to complete as much of the main story as possible, as in the case with most Japanese gacha RPGs. New mechanics are unlocked as you progress through the main story, and you won’t be able to harness the full potential of your party without these mechanics.

During the tutorial Etna and Flonne will tell you about the Beginner’s Missions, a list of objectives that are designed to lead you through all features and modes of the game. You’ll get a various amount of goodies for completing the missions, including very rare materials you’ll need later on (like the N.E. Prinny), so make sure to work towards completing them.

You’ll also gain a copy of 4-star Etna for completing the first set of missions, and this is on top of the free copies of her you get from simply logging on during the launch celebration period.

After you’ve progressed through the main story a fair bit and unlocked the Item World and Evil Assembly, you can start completing things like the event quests and the Dark Gate, which we’ll explain below.

Building your Party

Putting together your party can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. You can simply throw in all of your highest star characters and call it a day, or you can try to build a party that synergizes well with each other.

Let’s take the aforementioned Desco, for example. Her main evility – evilities are basically passive skills, by the way – power ups all monsters in the party, so she would go well leading a party full of monster characters. Other characters have different criteria for their evilities, so be sure to look around.

Take note of your characters’ weapons too. Each character has a preferred weapon that they perform the best with, but they can also use other weapons. Some evilities that affect the entire party will boost the damage to certain weapon types – just another factor to consider.

Upgrading your Party

One thing to note is that there are no “experience potions” or anything of the sort in Disgaea RPG. This means you’ll need to bring who you want to level with you into battle and have them gain experience the old fashion way.

The game can get difficult very quickly depending on how you approach it, so constantly upgrading your main party members is the key to staying even with the enemies.

The most obvious way of upgrading is to simply level up your characters. This can be done by fighting through the story mode, but the quickest way to level up through experience is to take your characters through the Dark Gate’s Gate of EXP stage, which we’ll explain in-depth later.

The Dark Gate also has other gates that rewards HL and reincarnation materials. You can only do each gate a certain amount of times before the gate locks, and then you’ll have to wait until the next day for the gates to re-open. Early on, it’s important to complete as many of the gates as you can to farm up materials you’ll need later.

The next step is to outfit your party with good equipment. Early on, you might struggle a bit with finding new equipment. Make use of the free gear you get from the promotions going on, and then make sure to visit the shop. You’ll need to buy your first sets of gear, and try to get the rare ones. Remember that you can refresh the shop five times a day for free if you don’t see anything you like.

The final step is to take your characters to Mao’s Lab where you can have them undergo certain procedures to permanently upgrade them.

  • Reincarnation can occur when a character hits their level cap. This resets their level back to 1 but increases their base stats, raises their level cap, and grants mana. This process costs reincarnation materials which can be farmed from the Material Reincarnation Gate.
  • Awakening increases a character’s star level and slightly increases their stats. 5 characters of the same star level are required for sacrifice. Awaken low-star Prinnies to use them as fodder for your main characters.
  • Nether Enhance or N.E. requires a copy of the same character to perform. This process costs HL and unlocks certain bonuses specific to the character, like new evilities. You can use N.E. Prinnies in place of a character copy, but be cautious about this as they are extremely rare!
  • Allocate Mana lets a character use mana earned from Reincarnation. You can either boost your character’s stats by a huge amount, or increase their weapon mastery limit, allowing them to learn ultimate weapon skills.

Use your Points at the Dark Assembly

Halfway through chapter 1, episode 2 of the main story, you’ll unlock the Dark Assembly. You can present bills here to be reviewed by the assembly which can grant you special buffs and the like. Each bill requires a certain amount of points to present, and you get 100 points every day. Be sure to use your points before the day is over to not be wasteful.

Check the viability before you present a bill – if it’s unlikely or worst, don’t try. Your points are lost if a bill fails to pass, so only try ones that have good viability. If you’re determined to get an unlikely bill passed, make sure to go in with bribe items to shift the odds in your favor.

The main bill that you should focus on during the early game is the Increase RQ Shop Customer Rank bill. This increases your customer rank at the shop, which makes the shop stock better items and equipment. This is your main way of getting new and better equipment.

How to Level Characters Fast

The Dark Gate is where to go if you want to gain experience fast, earn a lot of HL, or get lots of reincarnation materials. We’ve mentioned it a few times already in this guide, as you will be coming back here frequently.

If you’re looking to level up fast, we’ve got a little tip for you: progress far enough in the story mode until you unlock the Dark Assembly. The assembly has a bill called 2x EXP from battle in 30 minutes, which grants you double experience for half an hour.

Activate this before you go into the Gate of EXP to boost the huge amount of experience points you earn and watch your party’s levels soar. This is by far the best way to level up fast, so be sure to save your assembly points if you’re looking to grind out some levels.

Additionally, some characters have evilities that increase the amount of experience gained. Be sure to include a character with these evilities if you have one, like Flonne who has been Nether Enhanced at least once and unlocked her party experience bonus.

Item World Guide

During chapter 1, episode 2 you’ll unlock the Item World mechanic, which allows you to dive inside the equipment you’re using to battle the monsters inside. Conquering the monsters inside the Item World will level up the item in question, increasing its stats but also making the monsters tougher.

When you first unlock Item World, you probably won’t have to worry about it too much. Diving into low rarity common equipment isn’t really worth it in the long run since you’ll be replacing them. Don’t try to do the Item World for rare or legendary equipment right off the bat though, because the monsters will most likely overpower you.

First, focus on getting your team stronger through leveling and reincarnation. Once you’re strong enough, head into the world of a legendary piece of equipment. The monsters are very strong so be prepared for a fight.

Your main goal with legendary items is to subdue as many Innocents as you can, and also get to the stage with the Item God in it. Defeat the Item God first and see if it drops another legendary equipment for you. Retry the stage if the Item God drops nothing, as you can retry as many times as you like considering Item World costs no AP.

If you do get a legendary drop, congratulations! This is the main method of earning new legendary equipment. It’s a tough process, but it’s worth it for the powerful gear you can find in the Item World.

Magical Holy Night Guide

From now until April 27, the limited time event Magical Holy Night is available. We highly recommend you complete as much of this event as possible because you get Noel, a very strong character with powerful evilities.

Don’t jump into the special event right away though. The event’s enemies are somewhat strong, so you’ll need a decently upgraded party before you can make any progress. You are awarded points for every event stage you clear, which can be exchanged for prizes, including Noel.

You’ll get bonus points if you use event-related characters in your party. Here’s a list of the characters, and try to fit as many as you can in your party. The point multiplier stacks with the amount of eligible characters you have.

There are five copies of Noel on the point exchange shop, and the first one costs 15,000 points. You’ll probably have to get through at least the first two episodes to get that much. Once you do, put Noel in your party and continue working your way through the event to get more points.

And with that concludes our starting guide on Disgaea RPG. There’s a lot to discover in the game, so we’ll be back with more guides in the future! In the meantime, if you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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