Disgaea RPG is a turn-based gacha JRPG that lets players jump into the pocket dimension known as the “Item World”. Every single piece of gear in the game has its own Item World which hosts special monsters known as “Innocents”. What are Innocents, and how do they affect you? We’ll tell you everything you need to know about Innocents in our Disgaea RPG Innocent guide!

What are Innocents?

Innocents are special monsters that live inside the Item World. Innocents contain passive attribute buffs that can be applied to equipment, but you’ll have to subdue them first if they’re angry.

You’ve probably seen a bunch of angry faces on some of your equipment if you’ve been playing Disgaea RPG for a while now. The angry faces on items shows you how many angry Innocents are currently inhabiting the item.

Etna and Flonne brief you with a nice tutorial about this once you get to chapter 1, episode 2, but in case you skipped the tutorial or just need a refresher, we have you covered.

See the two red angry faces near the bottom of the picture? This Red Beast staff contains two angry Innocents inside its Item World. You’ll need to dive into the Red Beast’s Item World and subdue the Innocents if you want to activate the buffs they provide, so let’s jump in!

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How to Subdue Innocents

First, choose the item you want to dive into and confirm the number of Innocents inside. Remember that the stronger the item is, the stronger the monsters will be, so make sure your party is tough enough!

Innocents can be found randomly inside the equipment’s Item World. We’re not entirely sure if there are any factors that contribute to their exact location, but for the most part you can expect to see the Innocents near the end of the Item World.

When you do find an Innocent, be careful not to accidentally kill it, as you’ll lose it forever. Don’t worry if you have auto mode on, as the game will automatically cancel it if you run into an Innocent.

There are a few important things to note in this image. First, the affinity meter at the top right, which shows your chances of recruiting the Innocent. The higher the meter is, the better. Secondly, notice the two options near your skills: bribe and subdue.

Bribe lets you give golden candy, gold bars, or crab miso to the Innocent to increase their affinity. You might consider bribing if the Innocent’s affinity is too low.

Subdue attempts to recruit the Innocent. A successful subdue will activate and reveal the Innocent’s skill, while failing will cause either the Innocent to run away or increase its affinity so that you can try again. You can brute force subdue an Innocent if you’re lucky enough, but it’s extremely risky. Remember: once an Innocent runs away or is killed, it’s gone for good!

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Finding Specific Innocents

Examine a piece of equipment closely, and you’ll see some important info to know if you’re hunting for specific Innocents. The POP stat shows you how many slots the item has for Innocents, but the most important info is the Innocents panel. Let’s take my legendary Sturdy Eggshell for demonstration.

You’ll see that this item has three common rarity Innocents hiding within. Innocents have rarity levels (common, rare, legendary) just like equipment, which determines how strong their attribute modifier is.

You’ll also notice that in the Innocent’s box, there’s a seemingly random word. These words actually clue you in on what the Innocent will modify, so here’s a list of the words you might see.

  • Ambition – EXP / HL modifier
  • Physical – ATK / DEF modifier
  • Foundation – HP / SPD modifier
  • Brain – INT / RES modifier

You can use all the above info to determine whether it’s worth the time and resources to go diving for these Innocents. You definitely don’t want to bribe every single Innocent you come across because the bribe items can get pretty expensive.

Transferring Innocents

Innocents can be transferred between equipment once they are subdued. As long as the target item has a population slot free, then you can move Innocents around to create powerful combinations. Simply tap this button at the bottom of an item’s info panel to get started.

The first time you remove an Innocent it’s free, but if you want to remove it again you’ll have to pay an HL fee determined by the rarity of the Innocent. This works on an Innocent basis and not item basis, so the same Innocent getting moved around a lot will cost a lot of HL. Angry Innocents that haven’t been subdued yet cannot be transferred off equipment.

Keep Track of your Innocents

It’s easy to lose track of what piece of gear holds which Innocents. Thankfully the game has a handy dandy Innocent List which shows you every single Innocent in your possession, whether it’s on an equipped item or not. It can be accessed from the bottom of the Party menu.

You can even sort this list by value or specific stats to check what you’ve got lying around. Be sure to use this when you’re moving Innocents around to come up with some strong combinations.

That about covers everything you need to know for Innocents. Hopefully this guide will help you hunt down Innocents so that you can power up your favorite equipment. If you have any other tips or tricks to share about Innocents, let us know in the comments below!

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