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How to Get Beehive in Lethal Company | Tips & Guide

Escaping Circuit Bees is no easy task, but you have to do it to collect beehives.

If you want to collect beehives, then you will need to form a strategy to evade Circuit Bees in Lethal Company.

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Messing with bees doesn’t seem to be the smartest move, whether it’s in real life or in a game like Lethal Company. However, after finding out how much hives sell for, taking on the challenge of battling bees seemed like a risk worth considering.

In Lethal Company, your goal is to scavenge through creepy abandoned moons to find profitable items and earn money. However, that’s easier said than done, as these locations are filled with monsters ready, such as Circuit Bees.

Lethal Company Guide: Best Way to Get Beehive

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The most effective way to grab a beehive depends on whether you’re going solo or with teammates. It’s important to know upfront that there’s no completely safe method, and dying is pretty common. If you pull it off perfectly, that’s when you stand a chance of making it out alive while snatching hives from Circuit Bees in Lethal Company.

If you want to learn more about Circuit Bees, use Lethal Company console commands and check out the Bestiary section.

How to Get Beehive in Co-op

When playing co-op in Lethal Company, you can have your friend take the aggro of Circuit Bees while you run away with the beehive. Before you attempt this, make sure to store all your items away in the ship so that you have low weight to boost your movement speed.

You will have to communicate with your friend to have the right timing if both of you want to survive the bee attack. Close the door as soon as your friend returns to the ship.

Tip: Always try to collect hives at the end of your trips. Otherwise, Circuit Bees will be constantly chasing you until death.

How to Get Beehive in Solo

If you are playing solo, there won’t be any other player to take the wrath of bees. But don’t lose all hope as there is a way to calm bees’ anger. These hostile creatures only care about their hive and will calm down as soon as they find it.

The best strategy to get the beehive in single-player includes running to the ship with the hive and dropping it as soon as you are about to run out of stamina. After regaining stamina, pick up the hive and start running towards the ship again. Keep repeating this step until you are safely inside the ship. Lock the door to prevent any angry bees from entering.

To make the whole process easier and simpler, you can store all of your items in the ship to lower equip load and increase sprinting speed. Storing away all items is a necessary step, as otherwise, you won’t have enough speed to outrun bees in Lethal Company.

Check out our dedicated guide on outrunning Circuit Bees in Lethal Company to help you collect hives.

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How to Get Beehive in Lethal Company | Tips & Guide