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How to Avoid Circuit Bees in Lethal Company | Tips & Guide

Learn how to avoid an angry Circuit Bee swarm in Lethal Company.

Bee stings hurt, but you know what’s even worse? When those bees are capable of generating static shocks! Circuit Bees are aggressive little buggers, but their hives are worth a lot of credits, so here’s how to avoid Circuit Bees in Lethal Company.

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What are Circuit Bees in Lethal Company

You’ll encounter a variety of creatures throughout your journey in Lethal Company, some of which are content with just watching you go by, while others try to eat you as soon as they spot you. Some creatures are so unassuming that you think they’re relatively harmless, but turns out they’re more than capable of destroying you, and the Circuit Bee is one such creature.

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Circuit Bees, also known as red bees, are descendants of the common honey bee. As such, they are very important for the pollination of various plant life. Circuit Bees are extremely aggressive and territorial, and won’t hesitate to swarm anything that approaches the hive.

Unlike normal honey bees, Circuit Bees possess the remarkable ability to produce electrostatic charge by creating friction with their wings. While one Circuit Bee isn’t dangerous, a whole hive can zap any living being to death!

Circuit Bees are a somewhat common creature you’ll encounter. They are most commonly found on Vow, but can rarely be seen on Experiment and Assurance.

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How to dodge Circuit Bees in Lethal Company

Circuit Bees are found outdoors, and they are very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Should you happen to encounter a disturbed Circuit Bee nest, here’s what to do.

Circuit Bees prefer making their hives on the ground. Whenever you’re walking about outdoors, keep an eye on the ground, as you never know when you might stumble upon a Circuit Bee hive. The first step to avoiding angry Circuit Bees is to not get near them at all! Of course, you can also hear their signature buzzing if you’re close to a hive.

A hive swarm’s buzzing gets louder the closer you are to it, and it will suddenly get very loud if you trigger them to start chasing you. If you hear the loud buzzing, immediately start sprinting in the opposite direction. Thankfully, Circuit Bees don’t chase for very long, so you can lose them pretty quickly.

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If you’re feeling daring, you can steal Circuit Bee hives, which can sell for roughly 40-150 credits. This is very hard to do alone, so we recommend bringing a willing friend along. One person distract the bees, then the other dashes in and grabs the hive.

Stealing a hive solo requires some dexterity. Lure the swarm out away from the hive, then circle-strafe around until you get an opening to grab it. The swarm will be right on top of you, so sprint to safety and know where you’re going beforehand.

Beware, stealing a Circuit Bee hive can often be fatal for the unprepared! When a Circuit Bee swarm realizes that their hive was stolen, they go into an unstoppable rage and chase players until they’re dead. Your only hope is to duck into the ship and close the doors, or go into a building, so be fast!

If you think you can blast the Circuit Bees into smithereens, think again—none of the weapons seem to be effective against them. We’ve tried the Shovel, Stun grenade, Zapgun, and nothing seems to work. Don’t bother trying to fight them, just focus on dodging and running.

We hope this guide helps you avoid an electrifying death from angry Circuit Bees. If you have any other tips or questions, let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to check out the rest of our Lethal Company guides.

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How to Avoid Circuit Bees in Lethal Company | Tips & Guide