How to Get Barrier Blocks in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


The vast and endless-seeming Minecraft world is made of nothing but blocks. In Minecraft, you can obtain hundreds of unique blocks and items. Almost every block is obtainable in the survival gameplay, but a few can only be accessed using cheats.

Barrier blocks are one of the few unobtainable blocks in Minecraft. This block does not even generate naturally in the world. Find out below how to get the barrier block in Minecraft.

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Get Barrier Blocks in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

A barrier is an invisible and transparent block usually used for creating boundaries in maps and multiplayer servers. You can see barrier block only when holding one in your hand in creative mode.

After finding out about barrier blocks, most players switch to the creative mode in hopes of getting barrier blocks. Sadly, barrier blocks cannot be accessed using the creative menu. The only way to get barrier blocks is by using the give command.

Barrier blocks

You will have to type the following command in the chatbox to get barrier block:

/give @p barrier <amount>

You will have to enable cheats in Minecraft Bedrock Edition to use this command, but note that enabling commands will disable achievements. You cannot get achievements even after switching off the cheats. Minecraft Bedrock players should avoid cheating in their survival worlds unless they have no problem losing achievements.

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How to Get Barrier Blocks in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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