How to Get a Command Block in Minecraft

The command block is a special structure in Minecraft, which was created specifically for the adventure mode. Using this block, you can display a message in the chat intended for the player, you can destroy all the mobs around, create a pointer to the player or entity. Thanks to the command block, you can create exciting quests and fill the game with interesting riddles.

How to Get a Command Block In Minecraft

The command block can only be obtained using the console command.

To do this, type in the chat:

  • /give Player command_block, where Player is your nickname.

To use the command block in a multiplayer game, you need to modify the file. There you need to set enable-command-block to true.

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How to Use the Command Block

The command block is activated in the game upon receiving a Redstone signal. To ask it a command, you need to open its interface by pressing RMB /

The following commands can be assigned to the command block:

  • @p – nearest player;
  • @a – all players (if possible);
  • @r – random player;
  • @e – all entities.

For example, the closest player can be written like this: / w @p [message]

The player pointer can be expanded using commands specified in square brackets, separated by commas (for example, @p [r = 10, m = 0]). Available commands:

  • x – X coordinate of the search center (if you put the value ~, then the search center will be the command block itself).
  • y – Y coordinate of the search center (if you set the value ~, then the command block itself will be the search center).
  • z – Z coordinate of the search center (if you put the value ~, then the command block itself will be the search center).
  • r – maximum search radius.
  • rm – minimum search radius.
  • m – game mode.
  • l – maximum experience level.
  • lm – minimum experience level.
  • name – player’s nickname.

C is a special command for @a. It limits the number of players to which the command will be applied. For example, @a [c = 10] will take the 10 first players from the list, @a [c = -10] will take the 10 last players from the list.

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