Minecraft: What Does the Respiration Enchantment Do?

Minecraft is one of the most famous sandbox adventures nowadays. In this game, you can explore different areas, caves, and even seas. You are able to find different enchanted items, and enchantments on these might help you in your journey. Respiration is the magical enchant that is useful for underwater exploring. This guide will tell you all the information about this enchantment.

How to Obtain Respiration Enchantment in Minecraft

Respiration enchantment in Minecraft may be obtained in regular ways. You can use Enchanting Table or Anvil to add Respiration to your item. Also, it is obtainable through enchant command. So, you can use it if you don’t mind cheating. The enchantment has 3 levels and can be applied only to a helmet.

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Respiration Enchantment in Minecraft

Respiration Enchantment in Minecraft is a very useful thing if you want to explore underwater areas. You can enchant only helmets with Respiration. The enchantment adds +15 seconds per level to your underwater breathing time. Respiration of level 3 will add +45 seconds and with the basic 15 seconds that your character already has, it allows you to breath underwater for a whole minute. You can combine it with other things that improve your underwater breathing time, like the Turtle Shell that gives you additional 10 seconds.

Also, this enchantment gives your character a chance not to take damage each second from drowning when your breath timer is over. The chance is based on the enchantment level.

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The helmet enchanted with Respiration is always a welcomed item when you want to explore underwater areas. Fighting there may be tough and it is difficult to move underwater. We recommend you to use Potions of Water Breathing to explore the ocean and take a helmet with Respiration enchantment as the last resort. Also, Potions of Night Vision are highly recommended, as they improve your ability to see underwater. Good luck with your underwater adventures.

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