How to Get Bad Omen in Minecraft Bedrock

bad omen effect

Like many other survival and fantasy-themed games, Minecraft also features various status effects. Some effects are beneficial to players, while others can put them in danger. By being opportunistic, players can benefit from the negative effects like Weakness and Bad Omen. This guide talks about Bad Omen and explains how to get it in Minecraft.

Bad Omen Effect in Minecraft: How to Get and Use it

Pillager captain
Defeat illager captain to get

Bad Omen is a curse effect inflicted on players when they kill an illager captain. To get the Bad Omen status effect, players will first have to discover an illager captain. Sometimes, players come across a group of illagers called patrol roaming around their base. Most of the time, these patrol groups have one illager captain. Players can kill the illager captain to get the Bad Omen effect.

Since patrol parties spawn randomly, it is not a reliable way to get the Bad Omen effect. The best place to get the Bad Omen effect is pillager outposts. Illager captains spawn around pillager outposts frequently.

Illager captain looks similar to pillagers and vindicators, but it holds an illager banner over his head. Players can easily spot a raid captain. Illagers are evil villagers who attack villages and kill villagers in Minecraft.

Use of Bad Omen Effect

When a player with the Bad Omen effect enters a village, illagers will begin to raid their village. Raids are dangerous in-game events as illagers can easily defeat the weak villagers. Players can use the Bad Omen effect to their advantage by creating a raid farm.

A raid farm produces many useful items such as Totems of Undying, emeralds, arrows, saddles, and more. Players interested in raid farming can watch the above raid farm tutorial by silentwisperer.

Bad Omen is inherently a negative effect. Players should avoid entering a village with Bad Omen, and this effect can be removed by drinking a bucket of milk.

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How to Get Bad Omen in Minecraft Bedrock


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