Best Way to Get Emeralds in Minecraft 1.19

Villager trades

Emeralds are the currency of villagers in Minecraft, as all villager trades involve emeralds. Players can purchase items using emeralds or get emeralds by selling items to the villagers. Beginners interested in villager trading should learn the best ways to get emeralds in Minecraft.

How to Get Emeralds Easily in Minecraft

Farmer villager

One of the best and easiest ways to get emeralds in Minecraft is through villager trading. There are thirteen different professions available for villagers, and each can trade emeralds to obtain items for players. While some trades can be ridiculously costly, most are dirt cheap and a great way to farm emeralds in Minecraft.

Here are some efficient and easy trades for farming emeralds in Minecraft:

  1. Selling sticks to fletcher
  2. Selling melons and pumpkins to farmers
  3. Purchasing bookshelves from librarians, breaking them into books and then selling books to them
  4. Selling iron ingots to armorers, toolsmiths, and weaponsmiths
  5. Purchasing glass from librarians, turning them into glass panes, and then selling them to cartographers

Players can also trade other items for emeralds. The items mentioned above are easy to obtain; therefore, players can earn shiny emeralds with little to no effort.

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The only downside to trading with villagers is that the process cannot be automated. Players will have to obtain emeralds by trading with villagers one by one manually. On top of that, all trades get disabled after hitting the daily limit (3, 12, or 16 trades).

The only automatic way to get emeralds in Minecraft is raid farming. When killed by a player, illager mobs can drop emeralds. Like any other mob, illager mobs can also be farmed automatically. Players can use the Bad Omen effect to trigger a pillager raid.

During a pillager raid, illager mobs will attack the villagers. Players can trap these illagers and kill them to obtain emeralds. Interested players can watch the above video tutorial to build a raid farm in Minecraft.

Trading and raid farms are the two best ways to get emeralds in Minecraft. Other methods, such as mining emerald ores, are not practical and take too long. 

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Best Way to Get Emeralds in Minecraft 1.19


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