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How to Get and Use Turnip Seeds in Valheim

How to Get and Use Turnip Seeds in Valheim

Valheim is one of the newest survival games out there, taking place in a procedurally-generated world inspired by Norse mythology. In this Xbox-Exclusive survival and exploration game, up to 10 players can explore and thrive in the Norse afterlife.

Like many other survival games, Valheim allows you to craft powerful weapons, build longhouses, and battle tough enemies to prove yourself to Odin. There are many resources you’ll need to survive the vicissitudes, and in this guide, we show you how to get and use Turnip in Valheim.

How to get and use Turnip Seeds in Valheim

There are many vegetables that you can grow on your own and use in Valheim. Turnips are among the most sought-after food types in the game, and you can find them in the Swamp biome.

Once you get to the swamps, look around for a small yellow flower that grows out of the mud. Each Seed-Turnips will drop three Turnip Seeds, and once you’ve collected them, you can grow and propagate them in your garden using the Cultivator.


After building your Turnip garden in Valheim, you start to enjoy a sustainable food source. And unlike other meals, such as berries and certain fruits, you can’t eat a Turnip for health regeneration—at least not directly. What you can do with Turnips is make a Turnip Stew, which is one of the best meals for health regeneration.

Another reason why Turnips are among the most sought-after resources in Valheim is that they’re not only meant to feed your character. Turnips can also be used to feed animals when you toss them close to the animal to eat. Boars are known to eat Turnips a lot, and if you want to tame one, commence your taming process once the boar starts eating the Turnips.

Remember that Turnips and other plants in Valheim cannot be grown everywhere in the realm. Like certain plants in real life, it needs a specific type of climate to grow, and Turnips specifically will not grow in cold air or rocky soils.

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How to Get and Use Turnip Seeds in Valheim


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