How to Get and Use the Wayfarer Pass in MIR4

How to Get and Use the Wayfarer Pass in MIR4

MIR4 is a fun Asian-style MMORPG with a lot of fans. One of the features of the game is a system that allows earning cryptocurrencies during the game. In the beginning, the players choose the server on which they will play and the server cannot be changed. In this guide, we will tell you about the new server change feature.

How to Get the Wayfarer Pass

Many players thought about changing the server due to high ping, lags, or the lack of players speaking their language. Fortunately, the developers paid attention to this problem and released the Wayfarer Travel feature at the end of November 2021. To use it you need a ticket called the Wayfarer Pass. You can easily purchase it in the shop, but the number of Wayfarer Pass available is limited. For one character, you can purchase two for 1200 Gold each. And also one for 1,000,000 Copper. That is, you can change the server for your character no more than 3 times a month.

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How to Use the Wayfarer Pass

To use the Wayfarer Pass you need to fulfill several conditions:

  • Your character cannot have lost XP or Items.
  • The character must not have internal injuries.
  • You must be above level 40.
  • You shouldn’t have any active trades in the market.
  • And you don’t have to belong to any clan.

If all conditions are met you must travel to Bicheon Castle and use the Wayfarer Pass from there. For some servers, you will need to use multiple Wayfarer Passes. After transferring your character to another server, you will not be able to use Wayfarer Travel for 5 days.

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How to Get and Use the Wayfarer Pass in MIR4


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