How to Get and Use Shining Golden Seals in Black Desert Online

How to Get and Use Shining Golden Seals in Black Desert Online

In this guide, you will learn about a special trade item in Black Desert Online – Shining Golden Seal, where and how you can get it, and how to use it. Let’s start!

How to Get Shining Golden Seals in Black Desert Online

Black Desert has a well-developed trading and market system. Players can buy and sell various goods to each other. It is possible to set up a trade turnover with an NPC who is engaged in trade. If you decide to do this business, then you should definitely pay attention to imperial trade. This type of trade brings the greatest income from trade. NPCs who deal with imperial trade do not sell anything, they only have one goal – to collect a certain product. The price of such a product is quite large. If you sell this NPC the items he needs, you will be rewarded with shining golden seals. They make it possible to obtain various unique goods.

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Shining golden seals can also be obtained from regular merchants. To do this, you need to complete their tasks. In exchange for them, you can also get unique items.

Another use of these seals is in exchange for materials needed to create guild goods. All goods created with such materials are produced in the houses of the guild, and the proceeds from their sale go to the guild’s treasury.

There are nine different shining golden seals in total. Three of them are simple, and six are imperial

These items cannot be transferred or sold. In different cities, different merchants have their own sets of things that can be purchased for these seals.

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How to Get and Use Shining Golden Seals in Black Desert Online


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