How to Get and Use Sculk Catalyst in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Deep dark cave

The Wild Update introduced the creepiest Minecraft biome of all time, deep dark caves. This cave biome seems entirely out of the world as it is covered with weird sculk blocks. Moreover, it is home to the Warden, the most powerful mob in the game. While exploring deep dark caves, players might discover sculk catalyst blocks. This guide will teach you about sculk catalyst and its purpose in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Sculk Catalyst in Minecraft Bedrock Edition: All you need to know

Sculk blocks were announced first in Minecraft Live 2020. Mojang added multiple variants of sculk blocks in The Wild Update. Compared to other sculk blocks, sculk catalysts are pretty rare.

How to Get Sculk Catalyst

Small deep dark cave

Players must find a deep dark cave to get sculk catalyst blocks. These blocks generate naturally only inside deep dark caves. Players can also discover sculk catalyst blocks inside loot chests found in ancient cities. These structures are filled with loot chests, and a few will definitely contain sculk catalysts.

Players who are up for a challenge can try defeating the Warden to get sculk catalyst. Upon dying, the Warden drops one sculk catalyst block. However, this is not a recommended strategy because killing the Warden is no easy feat.

How to Use Sculk Catalyst

Sculk catalyst is the most useful sculk-type block in Minecraft. Using sculk catalyst, players can generate patches of sculk blocks and sculk veins. A sculk patch is generated when a mob dies near a sculk catalyst.

The size of sculk patch depends on the number of XP points dropped by the mob. These patches can also contain sculk sensors. Players can use sculk catalysts for farming sculk blocks.

Given the spooky ambiance of deep dark caves, most players prefer to farm sculk blocks in a safe place. With sculk catalysts, players can farm sculk blocks wherever they want in Minecraft.

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How to Get and Use Sculk Catalyst in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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