Raw cod is a food in Minecraft that is found and used much like raw salmon. It restores 2 hunger points and 0.4 saturation.

There are many ways to obtain raw cod, one of which is by fishing for it in any body of water. This can be in small pools, in player-made bodies of water, or in any lake or river, and can be overgound or underground. The player must cast the line into the water and watch for the float to bob gently below the surface and quickly reel in the fish. This happens between 5 and 30 seconds.

Fishing can obtain junk and treasure as well as fish so it may take a little time to catch your cod.

Raw cod

Raw cod is also dropped as mob loot:

  • Guardians/Elder Guardians have a high chance of dropping raw cod when they die, or dropping a fish randomly with a 60% chance of it being raw cod.
  • Polar Bears have a 75% chance of dropping raw cod when they are killed.
  • Cod mobs always drop 1 raw cod when they are killed.
  • Dolphins will drop 0-1 raw cod when they are killed.

If the mobs are killed with fire the cod dropped will be cooked not raw.

How to Use Raw Cod

Raw cod can be used in a variety of ways including being cooked.

Cook cod using this recipe

Raw cod can used just like raw salmon in that it can be used to tame cats and ocelots, tempt them off beds and chests, or get them to breed by putting them into ‘love mode’. It can also be fed to baby cats and ocelots to make them grow 10% faster.

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Dolphins like to eat raw cod and the fish can be fed to the dolphin when near a shipwreck or underwater ruin to get them to find chests.

Wolves heal by 2 points when fed raw cod.

Raw cod can also be used to trade with a fisherman for emeralds. Generally apprentice level fishermen will trade 15 raw cod for an emerald.

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